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The limit for the citizen account is 1444 for the family and the individual, with the increase through the Ministry of Human Resources

The restriction limit for the citizen account 1444 for the family, the citizen account is one of the supportive programs provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to citizens, and this is to help them because of the lack of a fixed income of their own. Therefore, there is a limit preventing the distribution of the citizen account to the beneficiaries, and that was applied by the Ministry, besides also inquiring about the value of the account The citizen, after the increase in an electronic form, is what concerns everyone, so we will explain all the information related to the citizen’s account, through the article in its next lines

The limit of the citizen’s account

For those who ask about the meaning of the word “limit limit” for a citizen’s account, it can be answered that it is the value of the total income of all family members applying for a citizen’s account, and after completing knowing the value and determining if it is less or more than the limit set to determine the eligible categories, but the independent individual has no right In subsidy when his income is 6897 riyals.

How to calculate support value

There are several methods for calculating the value of support for the Citizen Account Program, and among these methods is what we will present now

  • Login to the citizen account program platform via the link affiliated to it here.
  • Log in by typing the required username and password.
  • Click on the estimated calculator field from the pop-up menu.
  • Answer a set of questions that are asked on the page.
  • Write the required personal data in the following form.
  • Write down your basic income and business activity.
  • Press Calc after completing the processing of the battery.
  • Your value will be shown to you.

Support eligibility conditions

There are conditions that apply to those who wish to register with the support of the citizen account, and those conditions will not be known through the following lines

  • All of them are Saudi nationals, as well as residents in different cities.
  • He may not be the owner of expensive cars or real estate.
  • The papers must be submitted properly.
  • The minimum value should not be more than the set limit.
  • Residents are not accepted inside the shelters in the country.
  • There are no agricultural lands or ancient assets
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