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The long ‘Northern Roundabout’ trip is pending!

AC Media Production indicated in a post on its Facebook page that the choice of the title was based on the premise that it “serves as a witness and an observer of a rich period of time and a fertile social environment, we dive into its depths, and then we go around its backstage through the Damascene neighborhood (Maward). The popular, by imagining my storyteller, we did our best to be attractive. Thus, the Arab viewer will be with a metaphor for a bus trip that tours the city from one end to the other, starting from its poorest and simplest neighborhoods, passing through its middle areas, and ending with its luxurious facades and civilized streets.

The company that produced the series added, “It can be said with confidence that the essence of the work conflict stems from the purely human condition and is based on the confrontations of those with ambitions with people of principles, with entanglements, combinations, and logical overlaps between the characters, through kinship, marriages, or the intersection and divergence of interests.”

The series, which takes place during three time periods, namely the eighties and nineties of the last century, up to the present time, starts from the popular “Maward” neighborhood, which a corrupt man tries to control due to the importance of its geographical location in the hope of converting it into real estate wealth. Here, investigative files are opened in a hot, dramatic manner.

AC Media Production continues, “Finally, we will reach (Northern Roundabout) to the end of its compulsory path, after 30 TV episodes made according to a Ramadan mood that we believe will arouse the viewer’s interest and stimulate his passion!”, pointing out that the series was built “according to plans that the viewer is not used to.” And borrowing from Asmaa, which he composed, will constitute a symbolic formula that will clash with his real life and societal issues.

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However, the viewers’ hopes were disappointed when it was confirmed that the work had left the Ramadan race. Despite what was reported about the postponement of the Abu Dhabi channel, which was unique in presenting the work, until the fall, the secrecy about the reasons for this postponement, especially by the staff, sparked more speculation about its fate, which may end up being suspended, even if There was news that new touches were being put on his first episodes.

And if this news is true, then the presence of modifications to a scenario that the channel agreed to buy raises more questions about the pressures on the work makers and the channels for its presentation.