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"The Lord of the Rings" threatens the economy of this country

“The Lord of the Rings” threatens the economy of this country

Amazon Studios is filming the second season of “Lord of the Rings” in the UK, shifting the production site from New Zealand where fantasy films were filmed.

The company has announced that production of the first season will continue in New Zealand until next June.

The series is scheduled to premiere on Amazon’s prime video platform in September 2022, and Hollywood authors estimate the first season of the series to be worth about $ 465 million, according to “Bloomberg”. “

While the company says the change is in line with its strategy to expand its production across the UK, the strict closure of New Zealand’s borders during epidemics prevented members of its British cast from returning home for nearly two years.

The media also reported that the strike prevented Amazon executives from coming to groups to monitor the event.

In September 2019, it was announced that New Zealand would be the manufacturing base of the Amazon chain, praising the country’s abundant “hospitality” and said it expects to deepen their partnership, but Economic Development Minister Stuart Nash said in a statement on Friday that the New Zealand government was disappointed with Amazon’s decision. Move the shoot to another location.

New Zealand, which has enjoyed tourism growth since the release of the first film in the trilogy “Lord of the Rings” in 2001, has placed great emphasis on the Amazon series, agreeing to pay an additional 5% on top of a quality incentive of 20% off production budgets, but this additional discount will be withdrawn.

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However, Nash said Amazon Studios would qualify for a $ 92 million deduction from the budget for the first season.