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The loss will nullify Moscow’s commercial advantages, both vodka imports and investments

For example, US President Joe Biden is meeting to stop the import of alcohol, mosquito fruit and diamonds.

Biden announced in five press conferences that he intends to ban any US investment in all sectors of the Russian economy. Thus, he announced a ban on the export of all luxury goods to Russia and Belarus.

This is the last move Biden said, but it certainly isn’t the last. According to him, the sanctions are crushing the Putin regime. According to him, Putin is the aggressor who must pay.

The United States has added names to the sanctioned oligarchs, including financier Yuri Kovaluk, generally attributed to Putin’s personal bank.

Later, the US Treasury announced the imposition of sanctions on Kremlin-owned Dmitry Peskov and 12 members of the State Duma, including Vyacheslav Viktorovich Volodin, a member of the Russian Security Council. OFAC also added 10 bank boards to its bank’s sanctions list, VTB.

On Saturday night, the United States decided to impose sanctions on Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg. The only sanctions now are the board of directors of Novikombank and ABR Management, including the deputy governor of Saint Petersburg, Vladimir Nikolaev Knyaginin.

The United States will not be left alone in this approach, and the most advanced country in the world took a similar step in the G7. Reuters added that each country should make changes to Russia’s trade status in line with its legislation.

In the United States, this would require congressional approval, but both Houses of Representatives, Republicans and Democrats, have declared their approval.

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The European Union will make new investments in Russian energy

The European Union also punishes the fourth package of sanctions. In addition to canceling the terms that are more favorable for trade with Moscow, it will also intervene against its use of cryptocurrencies to circumvent sanctions and ban the import of luxury goods from the European Union into Russia and the import of iron and steel. We will soon have a fourth package to strengthen Russia’s isolation and a comprehensive resource used to fund these barbarian wolves, Ursula von der Leynov said.

She added that Russia’s first work in international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will be suspended.

Von der Lenov said that the EU will see new European investment in the Russian energy sector, and this report will cover all investments, technology transfer, financial services, etc. for energy exploration and production – and it will have a significant impact on Putin.

That’s how Britney confirms

The United Kingdom also imposed sanctions on 386 deputies from the Russian State Duma, who voted for the independence of the self-proclaimed separatist forms of Luhansk and Donetsk, and who supported the invasion of Ukraine.

MEPs who have recently appeared on the expanded British sanctions list must not dispose of, trade with, or enter their country their property in Britain. In the list after a day 800 citizens of the Russian Federation.

We focus on those who believe in Putin’s hidden invasion of Ukraine, and on those who support this barbarian wolf. British Foreign Secretary Liz Trossoff said: “We will not ease the pressure and we will continue to tighten the screws on the Russian economy through sanctions.”

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With our allies, we stand firmly on the side of our Ukrainian friends. The diplomat added that we will continue to support Ukraine with humanitarian aid, defensive weapons and diplomacy with the aim of isolating Russia.