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The main mistake, Okamura says, is to give Arenberger a minister.  It is said that he was vaccinated - T24 - Czech television

The main mistake, Okamura says, is to give Arenberger a minister. It is said that he was vaccinated – T24 – Czech television

According to Okamura, the current breakdown of coronavirus measures is inconsistent with the ideas of the Social Democratic Party. “We have called on the government for a long time to open all services, including gastronomic services, in basic procedures. All students must go to school without restrictions and without conditions.”

Okamura mentioned that the state budget deficit reached 192 billion crowns in April, which he said is the worst deficit in the period of the independent Czech Republic. He added, “Even for these reasons, we must restore the republic to normal life as soon as possible. Returning to it is not enough, it is chaotic, and it turns out that schools are not among the government’s priorities, yes for us (the Social Democratic Party).”

Regarding the termination of cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the Multidisciplinary Group on Epidemic Cases (MeSES), the head of SPD said that the government never followed the group’s advice. “Prime Minister (Andre) Babis ran it more politically. That was the problem. It was not resolved professionally,” Okamura said, noting that in Japan, for example, the measures were carried out professionally and not hysterically as in the Republic of Czech.

Okamura: The main mistake is that the Minister of Health is an Arnberger

“There were (in MeSES) experts criticizing the government, and how is Prime Minister Babish dealing with this? Okamura responded to the Health Ministry’s decision today, Tuesday, that he will summon people immediately.” When asked if the ending of MeSES was a mistake, he replied that the mistake was mainly that the minister was Peter Arenberger.

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Okamura: “It is shameful for someone to confuse the declaration of ownership that instead of five properties he already has sixty, when he says that he has no income outside his job, and then it turns out that he has another income of thirty million kroner.” He said.

The head of the SPD also believes that there has been a long-standing collaboration between Arenberger and the YES movement, as well as a certain loyalty. “I think Minister Arenberger should step down immediately. It is not dangerous for the minister to deal in this way with property and public announcements,” he added.

Do not vaccinate

Okamura also said that although he has the option to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus, he will not. “I did not register and did not receive the vaccination, I do not plan to register. I do not think that I have immunity problems, I am not unhealthy by any standards, so I do not see a reason to be vaccinated,” he said, adding that the Social Democratic Party also rejects “discrimination against citizens” who You don’t want a Covid vaccine.

Okamura said about the so-called Covid passports, it creates first- and second-class citizens, although people only need to test negative or be infected with the Coronavirus to use all services or travel.

“The second thing is that I certainly do not think that the European Union should decide centrally what to do in our lives. It has to be at the national level.” He also said that in addition to vaccinations, tests should be voluntary, answering the question of what makes passports as discriminatory as COVID-19. “Let’s not force the people, let’s not pressure them,” he said.

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Okamura described the government’s plan to make PCR tests free in the summer months so as not to complicate people’s travel, as a good idea. At the same time, he again called for school testing to be canceled. “Those schools, this is a fatal problem. We say frankly: Release that life and only with basic measures will you open shops and services and children (send) to schools without conditions and restrictions.”

One or more survey copies?

Okamura has also responded to the current diplomatic crisis between the Czech Republic and Russia. He reiterated that he was certainly not “pro-Russian” but “pro-Czech.” “No one has seen or heard evidence of this case yet,” he said. He also responded to President Milos Zeman, who said there were more accounts of the investigation into the case. Okamura stated that this was also confirmed by Minister of Justice Mary Benisova (for YES).

And our deputies are members of the security committee, and no direct evidence has ever come out. The head of the National Center for Combating Organized Crime also said that on the basis of current circumstantial evidence, it is not possible to initiate criminal or judicial proceedings. So we (the Social Democratic Party) demand more evidence. “It is not in defense of Russia,” Okamura said.

He responded to Russia’s description of the Czech Republic as an “unfriendly country,” saying: “I am sorry, but there is a reason and a result of that. We must act now and return things to normal.” He pointed out that Western countries such as Germany refused to expel Russian diplomats because they are actively cooperating with Russia, “adding that he does not trust the SPD.

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