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The mass pressure makes the players negotiate with us more forcefully... and Zamalek "plays its players"

The mass pressure makes the players negotiate with us more forcefully… and Zamalek “plays its players”

belbalady Ahmed Mortada Mansour, a member of the Zamalek board of directors and its official spokesman, said that the public pressure to include the players makes them engage in negotiations more aggressively than the club itself.

And Ahmed Mortada stressed in his speech on the “Ten” channel that Zamalek, like all clubs in the world, has financial problems, but is working to solve them, stressing that this is his role as a member of the board of directors.

A member of the Zamalek board of directors also talked about the renewal of players whose contracts expire at the end of the current season.

Ahmed Mortada said: “There are huge negatives that occurred in the recent period in Zamalek. There are many files that collapsed, such as the football team and team games, and at the structural level there were many things that needed maintenance.”

And he continued, “There are great debts on Zamalek, and always saying that Zamalek is poor made the club lose the opportunity to include some players, today I am trying to gain the confidence of the other parties from the beginning.”

He stressed, “All clubs in the world have financial problems, but they can be resolved. This is my role as a board member, and I do not open the door for donations.”

He continued, “There are times when I announce the problem to share with the public or press in another direction.”

And he added, “For example, the fans of Zamalek are among the fans who care about all the details, and this was causing me a burden in negotiating with the players.”

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He explained, “There is a player that I can make to get one million pounds only, but the public pressure makes the player engage in negotiations more aggressively because of the fans’ request to include him because it is a popular demand.”

He added, “But in general, there is no club in the world that does not have financial problems, and my role is to solve them, and I do not complain. What happened, we lost a lot.”

Player contracts renewal

Regarding the renewal of player contracts, Ahmed Mortada said: “We have 8 or 9 players now. We have to renew their contracts, and this causes us pressure because of the large number. We also have other players in other team games.”

“We have the ability to renew with any player and abide by contracts,” he stressed.

And about the player with whom the negotiations lasted for a long time, he replied, “It was Tariq Hamed, and the negotiation continued between us 24 hours for renewal earlier.”

However, he added, “But the negotiation continues for two or three hours, in light of the desire of both parties to renew, and as long as there is financial capacity, there is no problem.”

When asked about the fate of Muhammad Abu Jabal, he replied, “Which player can we replace, and I am not talking about Muhammad Abu Jabal, Tariq Hamid, Ashraf Bencharqi or Omar Al-Saeed, because the ball has become a science.”

He explained, “Maybe a player renews with 50 million pounds, and that amount makes me include three players. I am not talking about a specific player, but I am talking in general.”

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When asked again, will Abu Jabal leave, he replied, “No, he will not renew, so where will he go? I will give him the amount we specified and equal to its value.”

On whether Abu Jabal receives 15 million pounds, and whether more than that amount, he replied, “Maybe less, but I did not meet with him and did not know his demands until now.”

He stressed, “Every player we have has a value and may get an increase from it, because Zamalek is spoiling its players.”

And he continued, “Any player will renew on conditions that are compatible with Zamalek and that the club appreciates, and that are logical conditions.”

Ahmed Mortada concluded his speech, “And whoever sees that his interest is outside Zamalek, he is free to determine his fate.”

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