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The match between Tunisia and Algeria closed the most famous street in the world

The match between Tunisia and Algeria closed the most famous street in the world

Among the antecedents and consequences of the match that ended today, Saturday, with the Algerian team’s 2-0 victory over Tunisia in the “Arab Cup” football final, one that led to the closure of the most famous avenue in the world, the prestigious “Champs Elysees” in the beating heart of Paris, although it is approximately 5,000 kilometers from As the match took place in a stadium in Qatar, the French police deployed dozens of its members in the vicinity and entrances of the Boulevard, in anticipation of thousands of fans coming to it, to celebrate Algeria’s victory in the cup.

And the French police command issued a statement on Saturday morning, stating that a security perimeter will be established in the Champs-Élysées from 11 a.m. Saturday until 6 p.m. tomorrow, Sunday, “to ensure the safety of merchants, residents and pedestrians during the shopping period for end-of-year celebrations” on the avenue described as attractive. It is great for those wishing to gather and celebrate almost any popular occasion, so I was afraid that some would take advantage of the match between the Qatar and Egypt teams, which ended with the victory of the Qatari, as well as the match between Tunisia and Algeria for the cup.

The reason, according to the website of the French LCI news channel, is the police’s fear of any transgressions by those who claim to be supporters of any team, as the influx of fans and fans leads to what may affect the surrounding shops, as well as passers-by, although a celebration took place on the Avenue when The Algerian team’s victory over Morocco last Saturday, and we see it in the video presented above, and there was no problem in it, but it seems that the police took strict measures today, Saturday and tomorrow, Sunday, because the match for the cup and the match for third place is different.

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Algeria’s second goal was the highlight of the match

As for the match between Algeria and Tunisia for the cup, it ended with a second goal for the Algerian team, which was the most captivating thing in it, and he did as the straw that eliminated the Tunisian attempts to achieve a tie, where Yassin Brahimi alerted in the 124th minute the absence of the Tunisian goalkeeper from his goal, and quickly took advantage of the ball A rebound from his team’s defense, and he took it to the opponent’s goal to score a second and decisive goal for Algeria.

As soon as the match between Tunisia and Algeria ended, it was announced that the Algerian Yassine Brahimi, who scored the second goal for his team in the match over the cup, had been crowned with the Golden Ball award for the best player in the “Arab Cup” in football, after the organizing committee of the tournament, which was held for the first time under the The FIFA umbrella was named the best player in the tenth edition of the competition, while Algerian Youssef Belaili won the silver ball as the second best player, and Qatar’s Akram Afif won the bronze ball as the third best player in the tournament.