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The MiG-41 fighter will carry out its missions in space

American newspaper: The MiG-41 fighter will carry out its missions in space

The MiG-41 fighter will be an aircraft with unique specifications that will not only be supersonic but also hypersonic, according to the newspaper. The Nationasl Interes.

It may be unmanned. It can also perform missions in space.

Although no one has seen it yet, it will be ready to fly in a matter of years.

The newspaper says: We can believe that Russia intends to design an aircraft that will replace the aging MiG-31 fighter, which flies At a speed of Mach 3 (about 3,500 km / h), which was designed on the basis of the Soviet-made MiG-25 air defense fighter.“.

The MiG-31 made its first flight in 1981. It is no coincidence that Russian engineers have begun work on designing a new version of it..

The newspaper said that the speed of the “MiG-41” will not exceed Mach 3.5 (about 5,000 km / h), and it will be able to perform maneuvers in the dense layers of the atmosphere and in near space alike. But the ability to maneuver is not considered critical for a hypersonic interceptor, and more important for it is the altitude, which can reach 100 km, ie the limits of space where ballistic missiles can be shot down..

The “MiG” company said that the production of “MiG-41” fighters is in progress.
The new one will start in the middle of the current decade. While foreign analysts are skeptical about this and say that it is too expensive to produce. Therefore, this project will not be realized until the middle of the 21st century.

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