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Ministerstvo zdravotnictví.

The ministry wants to issue certificates of infection. Umon i pouvn covid pas European Union House, house

Prague The Ministry of Health has prepared amendments to the Public Health Protection Act and the Epidemiology Act, which will allow the issuance of a colonization certificate with covidem-19 in recent times, a negative test and a vaccine. You also support the introduction of a covid passport prepared by the European Union. The proposals were discussed by the government, Health Minister Peter Arenberger (for YES) said at a press conference. The House of Representatives must debate the law in the event of a legislative emergency.

The purpose of this proposal is to create a first framework for certification of individuals who testify to the fact that they have been vaccinated against covid-19, have been infected with covid-19, or are tested for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 or its antigen. , As indicated in the document.

In the Czech Republic, the certificate will be able to demonstrate infection wherever it is required, for example in cultural and group sporting events, for the use of certain services or a place for testing at work. The ministry is in an exceptional measure for the statute, as it will be used.

It is true that it is possible to obtain this certificate on the one hand through the current system of the Ministry of Health, but gradually there will also be the possibility of obtaining the certificate through CzechPoints. Arenberger said the transition period in which both systems will be used is until the end of this calendar year, after which it will operate for CzechPoint in accordance with applicable regulations.

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The bill also responds to the upcoming European Union. Accordingly, a common framework for the issuance and re-approval of vaccination, test and extension orders called a digital green certificate should be established. It is expected that it will be introduced to facilitate travel between the countries of the European Union by the ministry in the coming weeks, especially from 1 July.

The exact conditions, i.e. the type of test, and the time since vaccination or infection, have not been determined by the European Union. For now, the Czech Republic, along with Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovenia, has agreed that without quarantine and the need for testing, people can travel between them 22 days after the first two restrictions apply.

Such chained persons can return to R without testing and quarantine from most European countries. Slovakia should also join from now on. Today, the government agreed in such a way that it would be considered the city of current technologies for a safe period of time, during which time the hunter is spilled from the Coronavirus infection with protons. Hence, two public health PCR assays or two or more antigen assays are offered.

At the same time, the change will allow public health authorities to make greater use of system inventory records and agenda information systems. The Ministry and the State of Health Information and Statistics will have a new record of the current health status of natural persons who have contracted an infectious disease, and natural persons suspected of having the disease at the expense of millions of crowns.

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Critics of the system, which, for example, makes arriving at an event or traveling to the country conditional on a long-term illness, vaccination test, or negative test, consider it to be discriminatory against those who refuse vaccinations or tests. The anti-COVID-19 shelter in the Czech Republic is not mandatory.