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The missile did not detonate for the first time to travel to Mars. Muskv Cosmopunk enters the world and travels billions

Last start of the “stainless steel” x space
Author: Reuters

I never get tired of this look. To the sky, you can use a naplescan rocket with “fins” on the pizza. Stand on your feet, the lower part is complex and the starting ramp is in sight. The engines will start and a fifty-meter stainless steel rocket, as shown in the eight-year-old science fiction stories, will start out loud. Ten kilometers above the ground, the engines paddle out in an odd fashion “on the side” of the rear panel. This is followed by a warm engine, neat spin, extended legs and a taut piston projection to the hood. Chvle napt. When a cloud of smoke melts, Rocket stands in pln krse on concrete plow. The motors have been running for some time, but they are in a horseshoe. The spacecraft rocket with the designation SN15 from SpaceX is long in the middle, especially from the previous prototype.

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