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The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center launches the “Explorer Rashid: Mission on the Moon” experience with augmented reality technology

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center offers a new experience that gives users the opportunity to explore the mission of the explorer Rashid “on the surface of the moon” based on augmented reality technology, in coordination with Atlantic Productions. During this experience, users can simulate the mission of the explorer Rashid, which is expected to start on April 25 of this year. 2023.

Augmented reality technology

And view the official account of the Dubai Government Media Office via the social networking platform Twitter, a link through which you can scan the QR Code by pressing hereand then you automatically move to the special simulation of a “mission experiment on the surface of the moon.” Once you enter this world, the program will gradually begin to display details Rashid’s explorer experience over successive stations.

Defining explorer Rashid

He is a small explorer who intends to carry out a major mission by exploring a new place that has not yet been discovered on the surface of the moon, and with the support of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, the explorer Rashid will be able to overcome the special obstacles on the rocky surface of the moon, and once the explorer Rashid reaches the surface of the moon, some tools such as the sensor and his wheels will be used To study lunar dust.

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Focusing on lunar dust, it is completely different from the dust on Earth, as it has distinctive characteristics such as that it is sharp and sticky and can harm human equipment in space. Explorer Rashid is scheduled to continue his mission within a period of one lunar day, which is equivalent to 12 days on the surface. the earth.

Tasks of the explorer Rashid

Conducting tests to study various aspects of the lunar surface, including “lunar soil, thermal properties, photoelectric envelope, plasma and optoelectronic measurements, and dust particles above the illuminated part of the lunar surface.”

Measurement of electronics temperature and density.

– Take pictures.

– Studying the plasma on the surface of the moon by collecting data, taking pictures and sending them to the ground control station at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai.

– Identify the characteristics of the lunar surface soil and the sizes of its grains.

It is worth noting that the explorer Rashid was developed and designed by Emirati engineers within the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, and once this mission is accomplished, the UAE will become a world leader in the field of lunar exploration, after the United States, Russia and China.

Explorer Rashid’s experience falls under the new strategy 2021-2031, which was launched by the center and aims to develop and launch the first Emirati lunar explorer.

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