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The Mohammed bin Zayed Majlis is an intellectual beacon for instilling values ​​and spreading knowledge

The Mohammed bin Zayed Majlis is an intellectual beacon for instilling values ​​and spreading knowledge

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, attached great importance to the councils, and ordered their expansion, to cover all cities and neighborhoods of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, based on his belief in the importance of the role of councils in instilling social values, customs and traditions in society, by accompanying parents with their children To the councils of adults, taking care that the knowledge they acquire is not limited to customs and traditions, but extends to include aspects of knowledge, science, education, economics, poetry, culture and other topics.

There are currently 46 councils in Abu Dhabi, including 16 in the city of Abu Dhabi, 24 in Al Ain, and 6 in the Al Dhafra region.

His Highness initiated the launch of the “Mohammed bin Zayed Council”, which is keen to attend it personally, to become an intellectual, dialogue and scientific beacon. General and vital issues related to the developments and requirements of the era and the prospect of future prospects, believing in the importance of dialogue and understanding the point of view of the other, and elevating this dialogue to serve its purposes and goals.

The blessed month of Ramadan is the most prominent season for the activities of the Mohammed bin Zayed Council, during which a series of lectures are presented by the most important and influential international figures in the scientific, political, economic, social, religious and literary fields, in order to consolidate high-end concepts, in the exchange of opinions and enrichment of knowledge in order to achieve a deeper understanding and find better solutions towards Various issues affecting the future of societies and human life.

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The Councils Affairs Office was established in the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court, to sponsor and support councils and help them consolidate the national identity of the UAE, encourage community participation, enhance social cohesion, spread awareness and develop patriotism, as well as play an educational role in coordination with government agencies, to enhance community and health awareness. The Abu Dhabi councils provided government agencies with a space to create a link between the citizen and the various government institutions.

Abu Dhabi councils seek to implement the best management practices to hold periodic sessions, awareness and educational lectures, social and national events, involve citizens by expressing opinion and advice, take care of their affairs, and launch initiatives to enrich society within high-quality facilities, in order to achieve five main goals, which are to enhance interdependence between members of society. Al-Wahed, spreading the meanings of solidarity, familiarity and rapprochement, playing an educational role to enhance health and community awareness of various issues, educating society about the policies and developments issued by government agencies, providing high-quality services that comply with local customs and Emirati values, collecting citizens’ proposals and working on them.

The Councils Affairs Office also organizes many programs and activities, including “Volunteering”, “In our councils there are talents”, “We communicate with you” and “Coffee with us”.