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The moon is associated with the star Aldebaran at dawn tomorrow in a phenomenon seen with the naked eye

In the sky of Egypt and the Arab world, a few hours before sunrise, tomorrow, Sunday, July 24, 2022, the moon will coincide with the star Aldebaran, where they will decorate the eastern horizon, which is an opportunity for photography.

And the Jeddah Astronomical Society revealed – in a report – that not far from the moon and Aldebaran, the Pleiades star cluster (the Seven Sisters) can be found, which appears as a foggy smudge, and because of the illumination of cities that obliterate the dim natural lights in the sky, there is a need to use binoculars to see this cluster.

Everyone knows that the star “Polaris” or Capricorn is the star that represents the North Pole star at this time, but few know that the star Aldebaran is the brightest star in the group of stars Taurus was the North Pole star about 450,000 years ago, in addition to the star Aldebaran much brighter than the current North Star .

In addition, the star Aldebaran appears very close to the star “Al-Ayuk”, which appears to the far left in the dome of the sky. In the very distant past, these two stars were like the double North Pole star in the year 447890 BC, but the situation changed over time due to a cycle of 26000 years.

Here we ask, “How is it possible that the Aldebaran and the Oaks were close to each other in the vault of heaven in the distant past, and they are not close to each other now, aren’t the stars fixed in relation to each other?”

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The answer is (yes) within the scope of human life, the stars are fixed, but the stars actually move in space in an orbit around the center of our galaxy.

So when we observe the moon near the star Aldebaran, we will go back in time to 450,000 years in the past, when Aldebaran and the Oak were the North Pole Double Star.

It is worth noting that the moon and Aldebaran move to the west like the rest of the heavenly bodies during the night hours as a result of the earth’s rotation on its axis, but the moon basically moves towards the east in front of the constellations in the zodiac circle, so the moon can be seen at the dawn of the next day (Monday) has moved away from a star Aldebaran is low towards the eastern horizon.

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