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أصعب أيام الشتاء.. الأرصاد تحذر: الأربعاء الأكثر برودة وانخفاضا بالحرارة

The most difficult days of winter… Meteorology warns: Wednesday is the coldest and lowest in temperature

“The Seventh Day TV” broadcast a special coverage, during which the most prominent trends leading the scene were reviewed from yesterday evening until this moment.

The Meteorological Authority revealed that the country is witnessing tomorrow fluctuations in weather conditions in most parts of the country, as a shallow depression affects the Mediterranean Sea, which pushes large amounts of moisture and the opportunity is prepared for large amounts of rain to fall on all coasts and the delta and extend inland..

And she continued: The northern winds are also active on the surface of the Mediterranean, which leads to a large wave height of more than 5 meters and increases the feeling of cold weather, as temperatures drop significantly on all parts due to the entry of the cold mass..

From tomorrow, Wednesday, January 26 to Thursday, January 27, it is expected that a decrease in temperatures will prevail, with very cold weather prevailing throughout, accompanied by rains of varying intensity in Greater Cairo and northern Upper Egypt, with wind activity that increases the sense of cold weather..

The “Fox News” network also monitored US President Joe Biden while he was cursing a journalist, describing him as a “son of a bitch”, after a question about the state of inflation in the United States, even if this inflation is due to Washington’s policies.

“That’s great value, more inflation… what a stupid son of a bitch,” the Democratic president, probably not aware that his microphone was still on, replied sarcastically.

For its part, the White House did not find any problem in confirming what Biden said against Dorsey, as the minutes of the session included the president’s comment in full, which means that the phrase will find its way to be preserved in the official historical record.

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The New York Times reporter, Katie Rogers, posted on her Twitter account a picture taken from the minutes of the session showing the insults launched by Biden.