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أعياد الميلاد الأعلى تكلفة فى العالم.. وصلت إلى 27.2 مليون دولار

The most expensive birthdays in the world .. amounted to 27.2 million dollars

A little flavored tart with our favorite people in attendance can make any birthday party the best party in the world for us, but for others around the world, especially the rich or famous, the party has other considerations and other arrangements, and some birthday parties even It cost millions.

See in the following report according to the site scoopMost Expensive Christmas Parties Around the World:

The Sultan of Brunei’s 50th birthday party… $27.2 million

Hassan Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, in 1996, held a luxurious party that lasted for two weeks on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday. The program included a polo match with Prince Charles, a concert for the late singer Michael Jackson, and a gold medal was distributed to the invitees. The cost of the ceremony was 27.2 Million dollars.

Sultan of Brunei’s 50th birthday party

The birthday of the daughter of businessman David Brooks .. $ 10 million

Businessman David Brooks hosted a birthday party for his daughter Elizabeth, amounting to 10 million dollars, and the party was revived by a number of celebrities, such as singer Tom Petty.

birthday party
birthday party

David Bonderman’s birthday.. $7 million

The American businessman, David Bonderman, celebrated his sixtieth birthday in 2002, by hosting a party that cost 7 million dollars, and invited many celebrities such as the late comedian Robin Williams .

David Bonderman birthday
David Bonderman

Christmas businessman Stephen Schwarzman .. $ 5 million

Entrepreneur Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman and CEO,Blackstone group‘, on his sixtieth birthday, with a birthday party in New York City, which was performed by a number of orchestras.

Stephen Schwarzman
Stephen Schwarzman

Birthday of Mayawati, former Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh.. $7 million

In 2003, the former Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh celebrated her 47th birthday with a $7 million lavish party, which included a 51-kilo cake, 60 quintals of marigold flowers, about 5,000 other flower bouquets, and 100,000 pieces of Ludo.

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Maywati birthday