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The most important points of contention were between Drass and Sunak in the first clash against the Conservatives

The most important points of contention were between Drass and Sunak in the first clash against the Conservatives

Members of the party, which holds a majority in the House of Commons, will vote by post in August to choose a successor to Johnson, who was forced to announce his resignation in early July following a series of scandals in his government. The poll is expected to appear on September 5.

Opinion polls showed the foreign secretary as the front-runner, and on Thursday night he received a strong endorsement from defense secretary Ben Wallace, who wrote in The Times that Truss’ experience “puts him in the best position to defend the UK in these difficult times”.

Although polls showed Ben Wallace as the best candidate in the race to succeed Johnson, he withdrew three weeks ago, preferring to focus on his current mission of “ensuring the security of the country,” AFP reported. .

In Leeds, northern England, Sunak and Terrace first appeared separately, and then the two were subjected to a question-and-answer session, so there was no direct confrontation between them, and both worked to convince the audience. Presenting their plans.

Both candidates focused on their closeness to the area’s residents, with Teres insisting he grew up in Leeds, where his parents still live, and Sunak saying he belonged to a close circle.

In an attempt to distinguish himself from Johnson, whose three years as head of government have been marked by a series of scandals, Sunak stressed the need to “restore trust”.

Asked if he had “backstabbed” Johnson, Sunak was keen to thank the prime minister, insisting it was differences over economic policy that prompted him to quit the government. I have no choice.”

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The former finance minister emphasized his family history, according to which he embodies “conservative values” and described inflation as an “enemy that impoverishes everyone”.

On his lifestyle, the former banker insists it’s about more than his expensive uniforms, what matters is what he “does for the country” and will fight for “every vote”.

He reiterated his refusal to cut taxes before inflation returns to reasonable levels, while Terrace promised to reduce the tax burden “from day one.”

Terrace, for its part, managed to draw attention by touching on topics such as the transport sector, British support for Ukraine and support for local farmers.

On foreign policy, both rivals have pledged to expand support for Ukraine and counter China’s rise, while seizing “Brexit opportunities”.

Both candidates pledged to support Johnson’s agenda to stimulate growth in neglected areas of England, including areas around Leeds.