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تريندات التجميل الأكثر شعبية حول العالم.. تكبير الشفاه هوس بنات أمريكا

The most popular beauty trends in the world .. Lip augmentation is the passion of American women

Beauty standards vary from country to country, but from one person to another, but in light of the global interest in beauty, beauty trends have developed significantly and beyond our senses and expectations, the point of obsession until each country reaches its own beauty standards, which may seem ridiculous to others, and true; Standards It reflects the mood of each people.

In this report, we present the beauty trends that women are addicted to in many countries of the world, according to a report published on the website e method.

Women from different countries of the world

The most popular beauty trends around the world: Tattoos and Dance in the UK

Women in the UK get tattoos that allow them to turn their bodies into ink paintings, as well as constantly tan the skin.

Beauty obsession in the world (1)

Lip augmentation in the United States

Women in the United States are obsessed with plastic surgery, which can increase the size of the lips or enlarge the facial bone, reducing the nose, i.e. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

Beauty obsession in the world (2)

Cosmetic surgery

Butt lift surgery in Brazil

Women in Brazil are obsessed with small breasts and round buttocks, so the Brazilian butt lift has become exceptionally popular and has traveled all over the world from Brazil.

Beauty obsession in the world (3)
Brazilian Belly

Healthy bodybuilding in Jamaica

Women in Jamaica have a desire to have the appearance of a “healthy body”, which is why a woman should weigh 70-95 kg. In Jamaica, there is a special grain designed to increase thigh and butt size, called “chicken grain”, which is fed to farmers by chickens so they can grow faster.

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Thinness is the passion of French girls

Women in France are obsessed with being thin, and French women are considered the most underweight throughout Western Europe. Appetite is low and lean.

Skin whitening in India

Many women in India still want their skin to be lighter. The traditional mindset is more interested in using natural recipes like turmeric and yogurt scrub to lighten the skin.

Breast augmentation in Venezuela

Women in Venezuela are obsessed with breast augmentation. At Christmas celebrations at the age of 15, the gift is to give the girl gift cards for breast augmentation activities.

Rhinoplasty in Iran

Women suffer from rhinoplasty in Iran, more than 70,000 women undergo rhinoplasty because it is a sign of beauty in Iran.

Beauty obsession in the world (4)
Iranian woman