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The most prominent differences between “iPhone 13 Pro” and “iPhone 14”

The most prominent differences between “iPhone 13 Pro” and “iPhone 14”

The American company, “Apple” is expected to unveil its new flagship phone series, “iPhone 14”, next September.

Despite the rumors that spread about the new series of phones and their settings and designs, technical sites published the most prominent differences – which the company did not deny – between the new “iPhone 14” series and the current “13”, focusing in particular on the “Pro” version.

design and screen

The notable differences between the “iPhone 13 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro” phones begin in the design, as the new phone is scheduled to come significantly thinner than the previous model, and will have a new aspect ratio of 20:9.

But the big change in design comes in “Apple” dispensing with the annoying wide (or Notch) notch that houses the camera and fingerprint reader sensors (Face ID), and the company will introduce in the new phone a smaller “capsule” notch that takes up less space.

Regarding the screen, the current iPhone 13 Pro features an OLED panel. It is also scheduled that the “iPhone 14 Pro” phone will also arrive with the same specifications and even with the same accuracy as the current one, but some rumors indicate that “Apple” will improve support for the “ProMotion” feature.

And while the “iPhone 13 Pro” has a screen refresh rate that works dynamically between 10 and 120 Hz, the “iPhone Pro 14” is expected to be more advanced and refreshes dynamically from 1 to 120 Hz.

Thanks to this update, the iPhone Pro 14 will come with the “Always-on Display” feature, a function that Samsung has provided in its phones for a long time, as is also the case with the Apple smart watch.

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Processor and access memory

Apple has confirmed that it will only integrate the new “A16 Bionic” chip in the “Pro” models of the new lineup, unlike the previous generation, due to the good performance of the “A15 Bionic” processor built into the “iPhone 13” models. On the other hand, the “A16” chip will be built on a 4nm architecture, which is a significant improvement over its predecessor, which relies on 5nm.

It is expected that the “iPhone 14 Pro” phone will have the same amount of random access memory (RAM) as the “iPhone 13 Pro”; Ie 6 GB. But it seems that Apple will incorporate a new type of “LPDDR5” memory, which has already proven to be faster than the “LPDDR4X” type built into the iPhone 13 Pro.


The third big difference will be in the rear camera setup, where the “iPhone 14 Pro” phone will contain a 48-megapixel base sensor, which is a significant improvement compared to the 12 megapixels from the main sensor of the “iPhone 13 Pro” phone.

The iPhone 14 Pro model is also expected to feature up to 8K video recording, in addition to some improvements to the cinematic mode that Apple first introduced with the iPhone 13 Pro model.

The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to maintain the same 3,095 mAh battery, in addition to support for 20W fast charging, which is already on the iPhone 13 Pro model currently available.