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The most prominent iPhone performance problems and how to fix them

The most prominent iPhone performance problems and how to fix them

The iOS operating system for Apple’s iPhone has become more advanced with many new features with each new release.

However, it includes flaws and problems that make your experience of using the phone annoying, and here are some of those aspects that you may find when using the iPhone and how to fix them easily.

Screen lights up when notifications come in

Sometimes you may find that the lighting of your iPhone screen every time you receive a new notification is annoying. This behavior drains the battery as well as being distracting.

However there is no basic option to cancel this unless you are willing to mute app notifications individually.

One of the best solutions is to turn on Do Not Disturb mode, as notifications are automatically muted and incoming phone calls are excluded.

And if you want to see notifications of a specific app on the iPhone, you can create an exception for that through the option of notifications allowed in Do Not Disturb mode.

iPhone charging stopped

With the frequency of charging and discharging the iPhone battery over the years, you may find that the percentage of the battery charge stops at 80 percent even after charging it for hours.

To solve this problem, you must deactivate the Enhanced Charging feature. To do this, follow these steps:

Open the Settings app on the iPhone.

Tap on the Battery option and then select the Battery health option.

Toggle the button next to the Optimized battery charging option to the off position.

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Low microphone volume

iPhone monitors the noise around you any time you’re on a call and stops any loud interference so the other person can better hear your voice.

This feature is not perfect, and it can often inadvertently impair the quality of your voice.

And if you have a problem hearing your voice from the other party, even if you make sure that the microphone volume is at the highest level, the phone noise canceling feature must be turned off.

To do this, follow these steps:

Open the Settings app on the phone.

Click on the Accessibility option and then select the Audio and Video option.

Toggle the button next to the Phone Noise Cancellation option to the off position.

Determining how long apps run on iPhone

Apple does not allow AppLock apps in the App Store as it is in the Google Play Store, however you can use the Screen Time feature that allows you to protect your sensitive apps.

With the iPhone’s Screen Time feature, you can specify how long you are allowed to use a particular app per day.

Once the time you set earlier has passed, the only way to get in is by entering the passcode.

As a result, you can use this feature on your iPhone to lock apps by reducing the minimum running apps you want to protect to, say, one minute before handing your phone over to someone else.

To do this, follow these steps:

Open the Settings app on the phone.

Tap on Screen Duration option and then select App Limits option.

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Click on the option to add a limit and then select the application you want to lock and click on the next option.

Set the time to one minute.

Return to the Settings screen and then tap on the Screen Time option.

Select the Use Screen Time passcode option and then set a new Screen Time passcode.

After the pre-set app launch time has elapsed, whoever uses your phone must enter the passcode to access the app again.