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The most prominent privacy features of Firefox Fox browser

The new Firefox browser is one of the best privacy-focused browsers available for Android phones and tablets.

And she did institution Mozilla, the developer of the app, has updated the browser to give it a new look as well as more privacy and quick access features.

New Firefox Features

When you open the application on the phone, you can press the shield icon, through which you can stop the trackers and detect the number of trackers that have been blocked via the browser.

The browser also offers you a shortcut feature to help you access your favorite sites quickly and easily. The organization has also made improvements to versions that run on other systems.

In addition to autofill passwords, users can create new passwords.

Or open accounts using only biometric data such as fingerprints and facial recognition.

The Mozilla Foundation has also promised to develop a version of the browser for the Microsoft Store in Windows 11.

Although the company did not provide a specific date, it is a welcome addition for users who want to quickly get a An alternative to Microsoft Edge browser.

Privacy in Firefox Focus

It is worth noting that the new browser is the official mobile version of the main Firefox browser.

The app is relatively new as it arrived on Android devices in June 2017, but it has come a long way since then.

It managed to occupy an advanced position among the browsers thanks to its features that include its speed, search suggestions, safe browsing and privacy protection.

When you close your browser after browsing, all traces of your browsing history are deleted. You can also clear your current session data by clicking the trash can icon.

If you switch to another app on your phone, a notification to end your browsing session will appear in the phone’s notification area. The browser is also characterized by being easy to use, excellent user interface, and fast performance.

It also issues periodic updates constantly from Firefox that constantly improve its performance, and it is available for free in the Google Play Store via this Link.

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