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The most prominent supporters of Saeed.. Who is the speaker of the new Tunisian parliament?

New Tunisian Parliament Speaker Ibrahim Bouderbala (archive)

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Former Dean of Lawyers Ibrahim Bouderbala won the presidency Tunisian parliamentafter obtaining the support of 83 deputies, following elections that took place during the inaugural session of the new House of Representatives.

Who is Bouderbala?

He is one of the most prominent faces of the legal sector in Tunisia, where he started working in it since 1977, and he has extensive professional experience after holding several positions inside and outside the legal structures.

He was born on August 7, 1952 in the capital, Tunis, where he practiced his primary, secondary and higher education. He specialized in the Law Department of the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences and obtained a certificate of competence to practice the legal profession.

Head of the regional branch of lawyers

In 1979, Bouderbala was elected a member of the governing body of the Young Lawyers Association, then he was re-elected in 1981 and was entrusted with the plan of the association’s secretary-general, before he was elected president in 1983.

In July 1992, he was elected president of the regional branch of lawyers in Tunisia and was re-elected in 1995 for a second term, before he succeeded in reaching the position of dean of the National Association of Lawyers.

One of the most important advocates of Said’s actions

Bouderbala’s name has recently emerged as one of the most important defenders of the measures taken by Saeed since July 2021, and the most prominent supporter of his political project.

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In 2022, by presidential order, he was appointed head of the Advisory Committee on Economic and Social Affairs for a New Republic, which is one of the committees that Saeed formed to draft a new constitution before submitting it to a referendum.

Bouderbala ran for the parliamentary elections, and won a seat for the Rades-Magrin constituency, after obtaining the absolute majority of the votes.

He also said that the new parliament “must defend the interests of the people, work to achieve political stability, move the economy forward and solve social problems.”

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