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The mother of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has died

The mother of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has died

British media report that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s mother has died at the age of 79.

The British newspaper “Daily Telegraph” Johnson paid tribute to his mother Charlotte Johnson Vol.

The newspaper quoted the family as saying that the woman, who died at a London hospital, had died suddenly and quietly.

She had Parkinson’s disease, but she had an operation that helped prevent permanent tremors.

Charlotte Johnson Wall was born in Oxford in 1942, the daughter of Sir James Fawcett, then head of the European Commission on Human Rights.

She met her husband Stanley Johnson at Oxford University, where he studied English.

She gave birth to Boris, Rachel, Joe and Leo.

Dozens of companies, on the other hand, have appealed to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ease travel restrictions from South Africa, which could hamper trade.

The lobby group quoted Bloomberg News as saying in a letter to the business leadership that restrictions on business leadership and travel in South Africa jeopardize the competitive advantages of the United Kingdom, which stems from its historical, cultural and economic ties with Africa. In danger.

Separately, the British newspaper, the Times, announced that US President Joe Biden was expected to meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson later this month in an effort to mend the weak relationship between the two countries.

The newspaper added that Johnson would travel to the United States to attend the UN General Assembly in New York, which begins on September 21, and that the meeting would last four days, during which he would hold bilateral talks. பிடன்

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When Biden traveled to the UK for a meeting with seven group leaders, including the leaders of John, Italy, France, Germany and Canada, he also met with the Queen when the two leaders last saw each other last June. Elizabeth II, and this is the first time Biden and Johnson have met in person since the United States withdrew its forces from Afghanistan altogether.