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The movie “Al-Ambush” breaks records at the box office

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Vox Distribution announced that it is proud of the great success of the Emirati film “Al Kamin”, a co-production between Image Nation Abu Dhabi and AGC International, which broke records at the box office with more than 170,000 entries. Since its release in theaters on November 25, it is the most successful Emirati and Arab film of all time in the United Arab Emirates, which tops the list of the top 20 markets at the global box office. The film has booked its place as one of the top five highest-grossing films of the year.

The film “Al Kamin” is the largest Arabic-language cinematic production in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, and all the scenes of the film were filmed in the UAE, with the participation of actors and a crew of more than 400 people. The film’s premiere was recently held at “Vox Cinemas” in “Yas Mall” and was attended by the famous film director Pierre Morel (director of “Tekken” and “District B13”), producer “Derek Dauchi” (producer of “Roman J. Israel” and “Frankenstein”), producer “Jennifer Roth” (“Black Swan”) and the heroes of the work, along with the Emirati soldiers, with whom the story of the film happened on the ground to form the inspiration for its production, and the movie “Ambush” since its release in the halls on Thursday has generated an uproar. It is huge at the box office and won critical acclaim, and is currently being shown on 185 screens in the UAE.

big success

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Inias Lahoud, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Leisure, Entertainment and Cinema, said: “Vox Distribution is proud of the tremendous success of the movie “Al Kamin” in the UAE, which confirms the growing popularity of local productions, and also confirms that audiences are looking forward to an entertainment experience. Immersive like no other, provided by cinemas. We are committed to supporting local talent and providing the platform needed to ensure that premium Arabic content is available to the public. We look forward to more successful cooperation with our partner, Image Nation.

Film director Pierre Morel, director of “Tekken” and “District B13,” said, “Ambush,” based on its inspiring story about a small group of Emirati soldiers, who displayed extreme bravery, resonated with viewers across the world. Region. I am honored to be one of the participants in this film and part of the work team, which worked to convey this true story and present it to the world.

Hana Kazem, director of the local cinema and television department at Image Nation and executive director of the development of the movie “Al-Kamin”, said: The success that “Al-Ambush” has witnessed, despite the few days of its release, is due in large part to its amazingly compelling story. , to the talented staff based in Abu Dhabi, and this achievement is further proof of the world-class content production in the Emirate.