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The movie "Friends and Dearest" causes a stir... and a sharp attack on Mona Zaki

The movie “Friends and Dearest” causes a stir… and a sharp attack on Mona Zaki

Only hours have passed since the “Netflix” network released its latest Arabic work, after showing the movie “Friends and Dearest”, which is the first Arab movie produced by the famous platform.

The movie, based on the famous Italian movie “Perfect strangers”, has become the 19th version of the famous Italian movie being presented around the world, but its screening in the Arab region did not go unnoticed.

The work, which is the first directing experience of its director, Wissam Samira, co-starring a large number of artists, most notably Mona Zaki, Iyad Nassar, Nadine Labaki, Adel Karam and George Khabbaz. The search engine for popular works on the digital network quickly became number one in the works presented in Egypt.

However, it was subjected to a great attack because of the ideas it contained, which some consider to be inappropriate for Arab society, and words that were not heard in Arabic works before.

movie poster

lunar eclipse night

The movie, which revolves around 7 friends, who meet for dinner on the night of the lunar eclipse, to have a crazy idea in their minds, after they decided to play by revealing everything that comes to their phones while they are together, which causes major crises, and reveals secrets that were not known. before.

Some tried to criticize the film from an artistic perspective, as it conveyed everything that was shown in the Italian version, without any artistic creativity or Arabization commensurate with the society through which the work is presented, which made it an exact copy of the Italian film, and the events came as they are without any change Technically, the movie lost a lot.

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While others launched a major attack on the film and its makers because of its audacity, which they were not accustomed to, in light of the words and events contained within the film, which they considered to be incompatible with the values ​​of Arab society.

Silence reigns supreme

While Mona Zaki was keen to congratulate and salute everyone who participated in the film, through a post she presented through her official accounts on social networks, the Egyptian artist was subjected to a large torrent of attack by her followers.

The comments came bearing the blessing of colleagues and the intense attack from the audience, some of them expressing their shock at seeing Mona Zaki in this new role on her completely, and others expressing their shock at the events of the film itself and its being a stranger to our Arab society.

It seems that the film’s heroes preferred to remain silent, especially since the film was shown on the digital network, only one day passed, and despite that it caused such a wide commotion.