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The National Archives and Library draws on the best standards and best practices of the UAE National Library

The National Archives and Library has completed a tour of the world’s famous libraries in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Egypt, with the aim of replicating them in the Emirates National Library, which is set to be established and develop its benefits as a national landmark. and a cultural and information center that preserves the heritage of the UAE, and highlights its scientific and cultural development in the same way as major global libraries.

From the Library of Birmingham.. That was the beginning

The team, led by Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Acting Director General of the National Archives and Libraries, began its tour of major libraries in the United Kingdom. And has a prominent place in the map of famous libraries of the world. It has 41 people. It attracts three million visitors annually. The delegation was briefed on best office practices, policies and strategies and digital infrastructure and benefited from hands-on experiences. And the advanced and unique algorithms used in them.

The group visited the Library of Birmingham, Children’s Center and Music Library, Business and Learning Centre, Lending and Reference Library, Shakespeare Room and indoor and outdoor café.

The Library of Birmingham is characterized by its eco-friendly building, its unique exterior and interconnected circular halls providing natural light and ventilation, and the building’s harmony with the industrial character of Birmingham.

National Archives and Library representatives met with Birmingham Library’s Head of Services and a member of Birmingham City Council during an official visit to Birmingham Town Beaumont Library.

The delegation visited the University of Birmingham Library and discussed with the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, Professor Adam Tickle, and the Vice-Chancellor for Strategic Affairs, Dr Tariq Ali – the role of the University of Birmingham Library in providing information resources. A team of researchers, supporting courses and benefiting from the most important features and advanced services in the library and facilities, visited the Manuscript Center at the University of Birmingham and reviewed the oldest manuscript to learn about best practices in manuscript restoration and preservation. Holy Quran and other rare manuscripts.

From the University of Birmingham, the delegation visited the British Library in London, the national library of the United Kingdom, to gain experience in the services it provides to readers, intellectuals and patrons of its various departments. and attachments. They were received by members of the library’s executive office, and the delegation toured among the reading rooms and permanent special and art exhibits; Corner of Arabic and Islamic Manuscripts; They were briefed on the methods of preservation and display of all types of assets and the rules for their availability, and heard a general description of the digital infrastructure of the Great Library and the search mechanisms available therein. Digital and others.

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The importance of the British Library comes from its unique style of managing its contents, which contain over 150 million items ranging from prints, manuscripts, digital materials, artworks, all forms of multimedia, periodicals and audio recordings. The library has more than one million annual visitors, and these impressive advantages make it, along with the American Library of Congress, the two largest libraries in the world.

At the end of the tour, the delegation appreciated the role played by the British Library both domestically and internationally. With its rich content, it is a destination for senior researchers and librarians from around the world, and the delegation expressed its hope that the UAE National Library will benefit from the distinguished experiences of the British Library to serve research needs. and mechanisms for future generations in the UAE and the Arab region.

The delegation visited the Pitt Rivers Museum in London, which has an exclusive agreement with the National Archives and Library to make Wilfred Thesiger’s “Mubarak bin London” collection available to researchers who wish to use it in their research.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina… Egypt’s civilizational and cultural beacon

The delegation, from the United Kingdom to Egypt, visited the Library of Alexandria, where they were welcomed by the Head of External Relations and Media, Dr. Sherif Riad, as a beacon of culture and civilization.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina features a children’s library, the Museum of Antiquities, which includes artefacts from the old library site, artifacts from the Byzantine and Pharaonic civilizations, and the Manuscripts Museum, which houses a collection of rare documents and books. To the late President Anwar Sadat’s museum.

As a result of Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s interest in able-bodied people, the Taha Hussain Library for the Visually Impaired was established. It provides them with written programs in audio formats.

The Library of Alexandria is a testimony to the greatness of Egyptian civilization, the nobility of Egypt’s history and its cultural richness, and the Library of Alexandria is one of the most important research centers in history.

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The delegation hailed the Bibliotheca Alexandrina – a beacon and cultural radiation that preserves the brilliance of human civilization – an Egyptian civilizational project, and a reminder of the ancient role of the library, which emerged in the age of information revolution and communication technologies. Its unique experience in human culture and cultural enrichment.

Another group from the National Archives and Library.. Singapore

On the other hand, another team from the National Archives and Library visited the Singapore National Archives and Library. He is Director of National Archives Ms. Julia C and Deputy Director of National Library, Ms. Jennifer Kwong met and briefed the delegation on library and archive strategies, facilities and services, and the most important improved practices. , and the preservation, availability and lending methods used in the UAE National Library.

It is important to note that the Singapore Library, opened in 1845, was established to support the academic sector and to contain the unique cultural wealth of countries and cultures around the world. Establishing to meet the needs of its users, distinguishing the library is the system of returning borrowed books; A borrowed book does not need to be returned to the same library from which it was borrowed, but can be returned to the nearest library or returned automatically through electronic devices kept for this purpose in many regions.

During the tour, His Excellency Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Acting Director General of National Archives and Libraries, said: The National Library’s vital role is to preserve and preserve the nation’s intellectual heritage. Not just an incubator for books and a habitat for readers and researchers, this is what we saw when we visited the world’s largest libraries to learn about the latest standards and best practices in them; The National Archives and Library – a collection of various historical records and documents documenting the nation’s memory and collections of all kinds of paper and electronic books and content characterized by their value from private libraries – expects a green, eco-friendly National Library in one of the smart buildings. It relies on smart infrastructure that takes into account users’ needs in facilitating borrowing and meeting their preferences for providing comfortable reading spaces.

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He added: We in the UAE – we know the importance of reading in spreading knowledge, developing communities and building civilization – are about to establish a national library that will emulate the world’s largest libraries in providing information. Its design and its vibrant and comfortable spaces designated for reading can meet the needs of the various needs of its patrons.

Accordingly, we toured three countries, England, Egypt and Singapore, to impress upon them the latest practices and highest standards in office work; Emphasizes the large and varied role played by the National Library.

He added: “At the British Library, we focused on the means of providing rare resources and references, the distinguished services it provides to its predecessors and its pioneering experience. So, in many aspects and sectors, it will be the habitat of UAE. National Library; We are working towards a national library in Abu Dhabi that is sustainable in disseminating national, Arab and international knowledge and culture, and combines originality and modernity, authenticity in its Emirati connection and modernity in technologies, methods and systems. Users can easily and conveniently access the sources of knowledge, while preserving the characteristics of the National Library and its leadership and pioneering activities at the level of libraries, while achieving scientific and intellectual benefits in an environment that promotes pleasure and comfort. country, and perform its role in the field of planning and controlling intellectual production, supervision and control and performing its functions at the national bibliographic level.

His Excellency said: The Singapore Library, with its long history and successful experiences in various library sectors, we can rely on its experiences in borrowing and benefiting from its digital infrastructure and its relentless efforts to automate the entire library.

Acting Director General of National Archives and Library said that successful experiences do not start from scratch but benefit from the experiences of others and move from where they came to the future with its rapid growth and progress, which is this. What does the UAE embrace when setting strategic plans for the next fifty years?