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ضياء رشوان المنسق

The National Dialogue Council did not come from space and we are trying to solve the problems of citizens

Journalist Diaa Rashwan, the general coordinator of the National Dialogue, confirmed that there is no interest for anyone to block an illegal website in Egypt, stressing that this matter is not within the powers of the National Dialogue, and that the National Dialogue will not address factional issues.

“Rashwan” added, during a press conference held after the end of the national dialogue session today, and transmitted by Long Live Egypt, that the national dialogue so far sets the main points that it will follow during the coming period, explaining that nothing has been determined and the national dialogue has put the headlines so far and those addresses will be Fill it with the knowledge of the Board of Trustees, and different political views and ideas will be replaced, and all of this will certainly be present on the table of the national dialogue, because the dialogue will come up with projects and procedures that are implementable and constitutional at the same time.

The General Coordinator of the National Dialogue added that the Technical Secretariat is the means to reach the national dialogue so far, and many citizens have communicated with it, explaining that those in the Board of Trustees did not come from space and they all know how to solve people’s problems and concerns, and during the dialogue it will have visions that express Public persons or political and party forces, which are also linked to the citizen.

He stressed that the council will try by all means to reach the simple citizen more, and this matter was raised today, but it has not been discussed in depth until now.

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Diaa Rashwan: There is not a single Egyptian who disagrees about Egypt’s rights abroad

He pointed out that there is not a single Egyptian who disagrees on the rights of Egypt outside the country, especially with regard to the issue of the Renaissance Dam, there is no difference on that issue, and this is a matter that is agreed upon and the matter that is agreed upon does not require dialogue, but rather a decision is taken by the concerned and responsible authorities in this matter.

And he added that national security and foreign policy are among the files that do not have any special notes in light of the apparent diversity in Egypt’s foreign relations and foreign policy, “We do not want to waste the Egyptians’ time on the needs that they agree on. The national dialogue will discuss the needs that have differences, but a need we all agree on is not We need to discuss it.”

He concluded his statements by saying: “When the dialogue concludes and we come up with legislation and decisions that were not implemented on the ground, they kept us accountable for them, but we are not making the main points now.”