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The new Apple Maps is rolling out to other European countries. Among them is the Czech Republic!

It’s been a few weeks since Apple Maps changed its design in the Czech Republic and added 3D renderings in some cities. Today, however, Apple announced other news through a press release, which will finally apply to our home country in addition to Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia.

The newly redesigned environment includes more detailed road coverage, better navigation, more 3D models like famous landmarks, and more. An important piece of news is the support for electric vehicle users, who will be able to plan routes that include suitable charging stations. These stations will also be designed with regard to overcoming elevations on the road. Shipping times will be included in the total time.

Indoor maps can also be very useful. They are used for orientation, for example, at airports or in supermarkets. Here it is possible to see which floor of the building you are on, where you can find the nearest restrooms, shops or restaurants that are currently open.

Another important innovation is the Look Around function. This can be compared to the competing Google Street View service. These are high-resolution street images that can be seamlessly navigated on the map. These pictures are taken by special vehicles full of cameras, which you have surely seen in your vicinity at least once.

The update will also please users who use maps while traveling on public transport. It is now possible to search for the nearest stops and save them to your favourites. When navigation is on, Maps will even alert you when you have to get off a train or bus.

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However, there are many minor improvements in Apple Maps, and if you’re using competing solutions (Google Maps,, Waze, etc.), it’s definitely worth at least trying.

Have you tried the new Apple Maps yet? If so, let us know what you think of said news, or which one made you the happiest.