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The new Bentley Bentayga S comes with a V8 engine and focuses on sporty driving

The new Bentley Bentayga S comes with a V8 engine and focuses on sporty driving

The sporty version of the luxury SUV should fill the space between the base version and the top model Bentayga Speed.

After introducing the upgraded Bentayga, Bentayga Speed ​​and Bentayga Hybrid models, Bentley has introduced a new model called the Bentayga S, which should be the golden mean between internal combustion engines. Compared to the base version, it should be sporty, but its dynamics do not match the top speed model with a V12 engine.

Under the hood is a standard 4.0-liter V8 with a twin-turbocharger, which delivers the highest output of 404 kW and 770 Nm of torque – the same as the standard Bentley Bentayga. The acceleration should take from 0 to 100 km / 4.5 seconds and the top speed should reach 290 km / h.

The main feature of the Bentayga S, however, had to be a revised chassis equipped with the Bentley Dynamic Ride. As you probably know, this is an active stabilizer system that works with a 48-volt network, it is able to provide a torque of 1300 Nm in 0.3 seconds, thanks to which the structure is able to stop lateral forces in the corners.

Thanks to this system, which will be standard on the Bentayga S, the vehicle should provide optimum grip during sporty driving and the ultimate in permanent contact of the wheels with the road. But this is not the end of the improvement of the S Model.

In addition to the revised chassis, the Bentayga S also offers a sporty driving mode, which provides better steering feedback, a more sensitive throttle response, or a 15 percent higher stiffness due to increased shock absorber pressure. A modified exhaust system or a recalibrated torque vectoring system is also standard.


Despite the greater emphasis on sporty driving, the Bentayga S does not lose its off-road skills. The car still offers four off-road driving modes, including the ability to wade to a depth of 500mm.

Aesthetic modifications go hand in hand with modified technology. These include, for example, black painted mirror caps, black painted trim strips, 22-inch alloy wheels or slightly dimmed lights. In the rear, the Bentayga S stands out, for example, a larger spoiler, stretching the roofline, oval exhaust, or black painted details. Of course, the letter S could not be missing on the body.

The interior is available in four, five, or seven-seater seats, while the seats have been given a specially sporty design. There is also a rich Alcantara upholstery with great stitching, a combination of use, for example, on the seats, steering wheel, gear selector, etc.Of course, there is also an emphasis on the S logo, which appears, for example, embroidered on the seats .

The dashboard, whose digital instrument panel shares graphics with the Bentayga Speed, has undergone a slight modification. The equipment also includes backlit sills, there is also the possibility of interesting color combinations of the interior, etc. In short, Bentley’s classic blend of luxury and sport, which you can see at the show.