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مشروع قانون بريطانى جديد يحمل عقوبات "بالسجن" لشركات التكنولوجيا

The new British bill imposes “prison” penalties on technology companies

As a significant step, the UK government recently said it would expedite the process of sending technology leaders to jail for failing to comply with online security rules in its amended online security law.

New measures in the law include severe and speedy criminal penalties for technology leaders and new criminal offenses for data fraud and destruction, and the bill was originally drawn up with the power to hold criminals accountable for failing to convince senior managers of large online sites. The company is compliant with the Media and Communications Controller, and Ofcom makes information requests accurate and timely.

“In the bill, this power has been postponed, so it cannot be used for at least two years after the OFCHAM Act, and the UK government has reduced the time limit for toughening penalties for wrongdoing from two months from the start of the bill introduced today.”

The online security bill will require social media sites, search engines, applications and other sites that will allow people to post their content to protect children, deal with illegal activities and uphold their own terms and conditions.

Nadine Doris, Minister of State for Culture, Media and Sports, said: “This bill will strengthen the right of people to express themselves freely online and ensure that social media companies do not abolish legal freedom of expression.

This would put conditions on social media companies to protect the press and democratic political debates on their sites, and Doris said news content would be completely exempt from any regulation of the law.

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Another major development of the bill is that social media sites will only be required to deal with “legal but harmful” content such as self-harm, harassment and food disorders, which were established by the government and approved by parliament. .

Previously, they had to consider whether the additional content on their sites meets the definition of a legal but harmful substance, and companies need to prove that they are using the appropriate tools, said Damien Hinds, secretary of state for defense and borders. Harm, and they are transparent, and any technologies they create meet the standards of accuracy and performance required by the regulator.