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The new Czech TV iVys Broadcasting is already in operation

The new Czech TV iVys Broadcasting is already in operation

Czech television has made a new version of its program archive available on the Internet under the name broadcast. The catalog is divided into several main sections: films, TV series, documentaries, culture, entertainment, tips and recipes, nature, history, society, spirituality, for children, news and sports.

Author: Filip Rožánek

In addition to the home page, the pages of selected broadcast programs have also been changed. As before, each session has its own home page with an overview of episodes and additional materials (eg star dance). specific loop player It is supplemented by the previous and following parts.

Live broadcasts of individual Czech TV stations are also launched via the new iVys Broadcast.

They are also included in the catalog old showsThe license rights for online distribution have not been settled. In this case, only an info log with a parts list is available, but instead of a video, there’s an apology. However, work is underway to provide access to the archive.

“The goal of our new service will be to bring in valuable works from previous years, which we do not have licenses to use in the online space today, because at the time of its creation, online broadcasting was not considered at all or the Internet did not exist. We also want to satisfy our viewers who They constantly write about the availability of some archiving software,” She said Marek Doligil, who works for Czech Television as Executive Director of New Media.

“We believe that some of this content has, among other things, access to, for example, millennials in the still resonant retro wave focused on the culture and aesthetics of the ’80s and ’90s,” Dooliel said.

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The redesign of the web form is the first step in the new iVys streaming project, and next year it is scheduled to create new applications or a completely redesigned user account system.