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الوجه الجديد عبد الرحمن عزت يستعد لعرض مسرحية "زقاق المدق" بالإسكندرية مع كبار النجوم

The new face, Abdel Rahman Ezzat, is preparing to present the play “Al-Madaq Alley” in Alexandria with the major stars

The new face, Abdel Rahman Ezzat, is preparing to present the wonderful play “Al-Madaq Alley”, the great writer and Nobel writer Naguib Mahfouz, at the Mohamed Abdel Wahab Theater in Alexandria, during the next few days. He is not always on good terms with his father, and the role goes through dramatic developments throughout the play’s events.

Abdel Rahman Ezzat is considered one of the rising young faces strongly, as he was chosen to participate in the play after conducting a number of tests in the theater.

The director of the show, Adel Abdo, said that the new face, Abdel Rahman Ezzat, has a distinct talent and will make his way to stardom soon, explaining that his participation in the play is his first step in the world of art, and he pointed out that the play is presented by the Technical House of Folk and Show Arts on the novel of the great writer Najib. Mahfouz, a dramatic vision, the poetry of Muhammad Al-Sawaf, directed and reviewed by Adel Abdo.

The play presents a modern vision that has not been addressed or presented before in terms of intertwined human relations and the conflict between ambition, contentment, passion, reason, dignity and love in a comic, lyrical and showcasing framework with the use of all modern technologies and methods of global dazzling..

And the play “Al Madaq Alley” starring Donia Abdel Aziz, Mohsen Mohi El Din, Amal Rizk, Nihal Anbar, Dia Abdel Khaleq, Baha Tharwat, Karim Al Husseini Abdullah Saad, Murad Fikri, Ahmed Sadiq, Hassan Al Arabi, Sayed Abdel Rahman, Marwa Nasir, Essam Mostafa, Ahmed Shoman, Abdel Rahman Ezzat, Ibrahim Ghannam Hani Abdel Hadi Saber Ramy, decor design by Mohamed El Gharbawy, clothes and costumes by Marwa Odeh, music and composition by Ahmed Mohy, music arrangement by David Daoud, cinematic and graphic scenes, Dia Daoud, video mapping by Reda Salah, Play deceptions by Ehab Gomaa, outlet director Walid Taha, Walid Salah, assistant directors Ahmed Younis, Mahmoud Kamel, Ihab Alwan, Ibrahim Abu Al-Naga, Ahmed Al-Sawaf, production director Amal Habib, production of the singing performance group led by Salah Labib, and the show is presented during the half The second of August at the Mohamed Abdel Wahab Theater in Alexandria.

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Abdul-Rahman-Ezzat and Dina-Abdul-Aziz

Abdul-Rahman-Ezzat-preparing-to-show-theatrical-Al-Madaq Alley

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