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The new Honda HR-V is coming to Europe.  It will only be available as a hybrid e: HEV

The new Honda HR-V is coming to Europe. It will only be available as a hybrid e: HEV

Honda HR-V will only be available in the European market as a hybrid vehicle. The system however shares current jazz.

Honda believes in electrification when it wants to sell exclusively electrified models, such as hybrid cars and electric cars, in the “mainstream” categories in Europe by the end of 2022. The new generation Honda HR-V, which will be available exclusively in hybrid cars in Europe, is part of these. The strategy. Currently, the new HR-V is offered with European specifications.

Nothing has changed substantially against the previously revealed Japanese version. Like its predecessor, the HR-V retains an SUV-style silhouette, but other than that, the design has changed drastically. The automaker also admits that since the previous HR-V’s arrival in 2013, the city’s SUV segment has changed a lot, competition expanded, and therefore it is starting to make more significant changes. Despite the success of the sales, more than 3.6 million units of this vehicle have been sold worldwide since 2013.

The design should be clean and simple. The sides are actually only energized by a horizontal line connecting the headlights and taillights. The pillars are steeper than before, while the rear door handles are hidden from the previous style to emphasize the coupe’s image. The stern is decorated with threaded taillights, while the predominant feature of the arch is the unusual design of the mask in body color. LED headlights can then be full-on, while 18-inch wheels are standard.

HR-V did not change significantly. The car is long and wide like its predecessor. However, at the same time, the ground clearance was increased by 10 mm to emphasize the rugged design, while the overall body height was reduced by 20 mm.

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The interior design is simple as well, using the common concept today with a standalone infotainment display. It measures nine inches in size and includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features. However, the car maintains separate ventilation control with classic non-touch controls. By the way, the dashboard is digital as well, using a 7-inch TFT display.

The specialty is the air circulation system with L-shaped vents in the top corners of the dashboard. These distribute air along the front seats so that cold air does not flow directly into the crew. There are four USB ports, two of which are for the rear passengers.

There was a lot of thought to make the cabin an enjoyable environment. Hence, even a built-in ventilation unit can increase the interior space. The addition is the rich glass, which aids interior ventilation. The driver is then seated 10 mm higher than before, which helps with greater visibility.


The car shares the Global Small platform with Jazz, leading to the use of some identical drivers inside. It uses a unique concept with a fuel tank under the front seats, thanks to which so-called “magic rear seats” can be preserved. Not only is this classically foldable, but its seat can also be raised to carry large items in the cabin as well. Honda admits that even two bikes can fit inside.

The powertrain is also shared with Jazz. The HR-V will also be offered exclusively as a hybrid e: HEV, in this case with combined power of 96 kW and a torque of 253 Nm. This combines a 1.5 i-VTEC Atkinson cycle petrol engine with two electric motors. These are what drive the wheels mainly, the internal combustion engine in most driving situations only acts as a generator, it drives the wheels directly at high speeds only. Incidentally, the batteries are located under the floor of the luggage compartment so as not to limit crew space.

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The hybrid system automatically switches between the individual engines, but the behavior can be adjusted in three driving modes – Sport, Normal and Eco.

Although the new Honda HR-V has already appeared in European specifications, European customers are still waiting for it. The official sales launch on the Old Continent was not planned until early this year and next year.