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Superměsíc v Maďarsku 20. 3. 2019

The night scene is approaching. People will be able to see the “Super Pink Moon”.

The so-called giant moon will happen on Tuesday, April 27 at 5:33 pm, and the moon will be full and simultaneously on the ground floor. It occurs after 11 hours at a distance of 357,378 kilometers.

The full moon at the end of April is sometimes called the pink full moon. But it has nothing to do with the color of the moon. According to Old Farm Almanac, a full moon is called a flowering flamingo that is distinguished by its pink color.

The term super moon or supercompletion is an unprofessional term for the phenomenon when the moon is full and at the same time gets as close to the Earth as possible in its orbit. Since there is a certain range of minimum distance, when it is possible to speak of superfine, this phenomenon can occur respectively.

This is also an example for this year. The full moon on Wednesday, May 26th, will be the largest by angle this year. It will happen at 13:15, when there is also a total lunar eclipse, but below the horizon.

“However, the moon will be closer to Earth at 3:53 am at a distance of 357,309 km. Petr Horálek.

At the beginning of May, lovers of the night sky can also look forward to the η-Aquarida meteor showers. These are ice dust grains from Halley’s comet. The maximum swarm is located on the night of 5 to 6 May.

Last year, they set the “wonderful” date for Easter. You can remember it in the TV Nova report:

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