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The Norwegians have measured the true extent of electric cars.  Only three covered more than 500 km -

The Norwegians have measured the true extent of electric cars. Only three covered more than 500 km –

The Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) was made in association with Motor . magazine Testing 31 electric cars in winter conditions. His goal was to find out to what extent the actual range of a single shipment corresponds to the declared range distances according to the WLTP methodology. Chinese newcomer BYD Tang came closest to the mentioned values, followed by the Tesla Model Y.

The true range was 11 to 32% shorter, although (in Norwegian midwinter conditions) conditions were relatively favourable. It was driven on dry roads with temperatures from -10 to 0 ° C, so the heating had to be turned on and the batteries gnawed. BYD Tang won with a deviation of only 11%, When he cut 356 km instead of the promised 400 km. The second Tesla Model Y differed from the specified range by only 11.05%.

Electric cars in winter

The Czech Škoda Enyaq iV80 fared much worse, which sparked debate. Therefore, the test course was repeated a few days later with another car of the same model. The result remained approximately the same -32%. It should be noted that the iV80x version with all-wheel drive did relatively well in the test. The Norwegians did not provide an explanation for this.

You can see the results of all electric cars tested in the following table. Cars sorted by The percentage difference between the actual range and the indicated distance According to WLTP methodology. Seeing the absolute numbers is also interesting – while automakers are slowly starting to talk about electric cars with a range of more than 1,000 km, the reality of the Norwegian test is that only three cars have traveled more than 500 km.

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The results of the electric car range test in winter conditions