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The numbers of infected people are rising, and work is waiting.  How do other countries face the new wave of Covid?

The numbers of infected people are rising, and work is waiting. How do other countries face the new wave of Covid?

Prime Minister Babis’ comments from last spring about how well the Czech Republic has handled the pandemic and is “best in case” were already smiling at the time. But with 30,000 dead and the prospect of further deterioration, they are still bitter.

On Tuesday, the media reported that the number of new cases of coronavirus on Monday reached 2,521, the worst number since April, and perhaps few people expected that the bad news could be overcome the next day. Wednesday, however, doubled last week – and 3,246 were injured.

Thus, the Czech Republic has jumped into the global wave of deteriorating coronavirus statistics. According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, more than 240.7 million people have contracted the disease worldwide, and nearly five million people have died from the disease.

In Europe, there are 70.9 million infected and 1.4 million deaths, and the United Kingdom, Russia and Turkey were the worst, with 8.4 million, 7.9 million and 7.6 million cases reported.

In recent days, there have been daily numbers of new infections near empty Brexit shelves in supermarkets and missing fuel, approaching 50,000. Then representatives of British doctors called on the government to tighten regulations, citing fears of a potential crisis in the winter months.

Thus, the government is likely to take a series of measures that it promised to implement if there is an increase in the number of infected people. The plan includes, for example, the mandatory wearing of the headscarf indoors and when meeting more people.

Russia marked a sad milestone on Saturday: according to official statistics, the number of deaths due to Covid-19 per day exceeded for the first time on that day, and the number of new cases exceeded 30 thousand per day for several days in a row. However, according to government officials, the nationwide lockdown has not yet waited for the Russians, and instead they want to increase the vaccination coverage of the population.

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The country has long suffered from a lack of confidence in vaccines; In total, only about a third of Russians were vaccinated. Moscow has now decided to motivate citizens in its own way, and from Monday, October 25, will prevent unvaccinated residents over 60 years old who have not been infected with the Covid-19 virus from leaving their homes. The ban will last four months.

Neighboring Latvia decided to take a more active excursion. In order to prevent a major crash, the first European country to go into lockdown this fall. It is valid from at least Thursday 21 October until 15 November, and restaurants, shops, schools and cultural facilities will be closed. In addition, Latvians will have to monitor the store from eight in the evening until five in the morning.

According to Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins, the condition for the release of the lockdown is greater immunization coverage for the population, which is worse with vaccination than the Czech Republic. Only 54% of adults are vaccinated, one of the lowest rates in Europe. According to Karenz, this fact has caused the crisis on the verge of faltering the health care system in Latvia.

New Zealand has already embarked on a lockdown path. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the country has been moving towards strict measures and local closures in individual districts, even with infected units. This is currently the case in the Auckland area, which has been on lockdown since mid-August.

New Zealand is also one of the countries with the highest vaccination coverage. Eighty-two percent of those who could be vaccinated had already received at least one dose, and seventy percent were fully vaccinated. And although the country recorded the highest daily increase in the number of infected people since the beginning of the epidemic on Tuesday, the “record” increase means 94 new infections.

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In contrast, Slovakia, which has a population of less than half a million people, recorded 1,797 new infections on the same day, and its record last December exceeded six thousand. While 28 people have died of Covid in New Zealand since the start of the pandemic, the number in Slovakia has already exceeded 12,000.