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The NZXT BLD Collection is the easiest way to build a gaming PC to date

The NZXT BLD Collection is the easiest way to build a gaming PC to date

Illustration showing the assembly parts of the NZXT gaming computer.

Just follow the dotted line.
fee: NZXT

Building a gaming PC for the first time can seem like a very daunting task. Between assembling the required parts, making sure they work together, dealing with delicate wiring, and trying not to destroy expensive components, the whole process is worrisome. Hardware maker NZXT now offers what I consider a great solution to those early PC-building turmoil by assembling parts with step-by-step instructions and a toolkit and covering it all with a two-year warranty, just in a case.

Directly intended for novice builders who have the courage to warm their hands, New BLD Kits from NZXT Designed to hold your hand throughout the process. Each set comes with a box full of clearly labeled parts that are guaranteed to match a working gaming PC. This includes the case, motherboard, processor, storage, memory, power supply, video card, cooling fans, and even a copy of Windows 11. All the tools, screws, and thermal paste you’ll need for assembly are in the box.

What really makes the BLD set special is the illustrated instruction manual. Like the instructions for the Lego set, the book guides new builders every step of the way. it’s called adventurer map to build pc, very sad. The different building stages are presented as different adventure levels, with simple illustrations as well as QR code links to how-to videos.

Image from the instruction manual included with the NZXT BLD kit, showing how to install the memory.

I always install memory in the wrong places the first time.
fee: NZXT

Once you’ve finished the book, you should end up with a great little computer for gaming. The BLD range is available in two models, namely $1400 Starter Pro and the $1,600 Streaming Plus. Both come with the amazing NZXT H510 turret compact chassis (not the NZXT model that used to catch fire) in white or black, Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards and Kraken liquid processor cooler.

The ultimate NZXT BLD kit with white housing with large glass side panel and purple LED lights.

I have this same case on my PC, but a lot of sloppy.
Photo: NZXT

Yes, it is always cheaper to get all your parts separately. If you can do that, you don’t need something like a BLD array. PC-in-a-box from NZXT is for people who want to build their own PC but are afraid to spoil it. With clear instructions, a fun layout, and parts chosen for cross-matching, it seems very hard to screw up a BLD. And if you do, they’re all under warranty and I have NZXT technicians available for emails, calls, and chats.

It sounds a lot more fun than my first PC, which included weeping, a wrecked motherboard, and an Intel i386 processor that mysteriously disappeared and is still missing to this day.

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