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Zátka na láhvi od oleje ukrývá tajnou funkci. Nezná ji 98 % lidí, přitom usnadní práci

The oil bottle cap hides a discreet function. 98% of people don’t know it, but it makes work easier

Opening the oil antiseptic and pouring it is an adventure. Recently, my husband and I were debating about why oils shouldn’t be made so they flow better. Because if you spill oil on your kitchen floor, you’ll be skidding for another two weeks. You may have a similar experience with oil treatment. But beware, imagine the manufacturers have already thought about it. Unfortunately, almost no one knows about this tool.

How to pour oil more easily?

We’ll take them in order. You buy a new bottle of oil. Now I unscrew the cover. Here comes the unpopular move. Insert your finger into the plastic hole and tear off another cap. Did you manage to do this, congratulating yourself and throwing the unnecessary piece of plastic in the trash? This is exactly what is wrong.

If you turn this piece over and put it back on the neck of the bottle, this will create a “funnel” through which you can better pour the oil into the pan. You can find a video tutorial below under the article in Resources. Just give it a try.

Now that you know how to properly open and pour the oil, let’s take a look at some other facts.

Myths about cooking oil

The oil is said to be unhealthy. The truth is that too much of everything is harmful, but if you use it in reasonable amounts, it can actually be very beneficial for your body. It provides it with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which we cannot do without.

Another myth is that it is always better to replace cooking oil with olive oil. Olive oil is suitable for seasoning, but you will use it for frying in vain. It has a low smoke point, so it burns at higher temperatures. So it is not recommended to try to use olive oil for everything.

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oil storage

Sunlight reduces the quality of the oil, so store it in a dark place or at least in a dark bottle. The oil container must be dry, clean and leak-proof. It should not be placed near heat sources.

How do you fry in oil?

Never heat the oil, this will affect the quality of the food. Always use a reasonable amount, and nothing should be overdone. And on top of that, don’t reuse the oil you’ve previously fried.

Image: Shutterstock, Source: youtube.comAnd the healthandtastyfoods.comAnd the