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The "old lady" is in police custody with 42 suspicious deals!

The “old lady” is in police custody with 42 suspicious deals!

Reda Saleem (Dubai)
Juventus is entering a new historical turning point with cases and investigations after being involved in financial fraud in player deals, which prompted the financial police in Italy to attack the headquarters of the “old lady” and confiscate documents in the case that rocks the Italian street.
And the financial police in Italy announced that they had stormed the Juventus training headquarters and confiscated documents and papers from it in the case of tampering with the team’s financial data, and it mainly concerns the falsification of some invoices, players’ salaries, agents’ wages, in addition to the club’s profits.
In an official statement, the police confirmed that its officers had confiscated several documents from the headquarters of “Juve” relating to the last three financial years, and at the request of the Public Prosecutor, the Financial Police searched the Juventus headquarters in Turin and Milan for papers related to financial transactions between 2019 and 2021.
And media reports stated that club president Andrea Agnelli and his deputy, Pavel Nedved, as well as former sporting director Fabio Paratici, the current manager of Tottenham, will be investigated over the issue of financial fraud.
Italian press reports revealed that the Supervisory Committee of Football Clubs in the Italian League issued a report on the transfer of players and submitted it to the Federal Prosecutor.
An official in the Italian Football Federation said that the Supervisory Committee of Football Clubs in the Italian League submitted a report to the Federal Prosecutor regarding transfer deals for players between Italian clubs of various levels surrounded by suspicions of capital gains and inflation in the real values ​​of players.
According to the Italian newspapers, “La Repubblica” and “Timpo”, the Supervisory Committee examined a number of player deals between clubs, and reports say that the Club Supervisory Committee sent a detailed report to the Public Prosecutor and to Gravinia, President of the Italian Federation of violations.
The number of suspicious deals reached 62, including 42 that Juventus was a party to, as he exchanged a number of players worth 90 million euros, but the feasibility of these deals did not exceed three million euros, and Napoli also participated in a number of suspicious deals, according to reports, after that He signed a number of players worth 20 million euros, but these are now in the third and fourth divisions, and one of the players is in France without any club representing him.

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