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أكبر شخص يحصل على الدكتوراه فى العالم: "أعشق العلم وأؤمن بزكاة العلم"

The oldest person to obtain a doctorate in the world: “I love science and I believe in the zakat of knowledge”

Fathi Ghanem, who holds the title of the oldest person to obtain a doctorate in the world at the age of 82, said that what made him complete education is his love for science, and he loves a need called science, adding: “I say to young people who hold on to science until the last day of your life, science is beautiful and good, and whoever follows the path of Knowledge is like taking a path in jihad.

He added, during an intervention via Skype, on the “From Egypt” program, on the “CBC” channel, with the media Amr Khalil: “I love science and I want to learn, until I obtained a doctorate from Helwan University from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, and the university’s senior leaders, led by them. The Dean of the College of Commerce were preparing us a good atmosphere to continue our education.”

He continued, “Through traveling and searching for knowledge, I found an American company that I worked for, and I was a student that needed someone to learn microfilm. I traveled courses in America, and took three courses, in Australia and America, and benefited from it, and when I came to Egypt, I contributed to the establishment of microfilm centers in many places, including the Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers.” The people and the Suez Canal, and I am happy to learn that and apply it in my country.

Fathi Ghanem explained that he believes in the world’s zakat, which is to communicate it to people, and whoever hoards knowledge for himself is ignorant, and whoever communicates it is a knowledgeable person.

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The researcher, Fathi Ghanem, Mohamed Ghanem, nicknamed the largest master’s student in the world, discussed a doctoral thesis entitled “Analysis of the Financial Dimensions of Converting Football Clubs to Joint Stock Companies in the Light of the Standards Related to the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at Helwan University.”

Fathy Ghanem is a graduate of Ain Shams University, Faculty of Commerce in 1965. He obtained a Pre-Master’s degree at the Faculty of Commerce at Benha University, then a Master’s degree in Financial Management, then a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at Helwan University.