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The only Arab university to break the “100 Best” ranking for studying “Business” in 2023

considered Study Business AdministrationAnd economics is one of the broadest science qualifications in terms of job search, as it covers many areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics and others.

Business administration is defined as all types of trade and exchange of goods and services with the aim of making profit. Therefore, any organization in the world, whatever its function, must manage the presence of people with this specialized educational degree. Financial and administrative aspects, and to discuss financing and marketing avenues for its operations, in addition to serving its customers.

Some careers that a business and management graduate can consider include:

Customer Service Agent
Assistant Manager
Sales partner
Business Analyst
Financial analyst
Account Manager
Self Employed

A business degree covers a wide range of subjects such as economics, accounting and entrepreneurship training. A Bachelor of Business Administration degree can start by learning the basic concepts in all these areas, making sure there are no big gaps when starting a business.

In a globalized world, the ability to speak a second language and appreciate cultural differences when dealing with business is increasing, and many universities around the world offer opportunities for business students abroad.

For its part, the American magazine “Times Higher Education” published a ranking of the best universities for studying business administration as follows:

1. MIT Institute of Technology – USA

2. Stanford University – USA

3. University of Oxford – United Kingdom

4. Harvard University – USA

5. University of Chicago – USA

6. University of Cambridge – United Kingdom

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7. University of California Berkeley – USA

8. Tsing Hua University – China

9. Yale University – USA

10. London School of Economics – United Kingdom

In the Arab world, one university is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities in the field of business administration, with King Abdulaziz University ranking 63rd.