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The operation of the German Tesla factory has become more complicated

The operation of the German Tesla factory has become more complicated

Tesla chief Elon Musk visited the plant in Grünheide on October 9, when he said he would like the plant to start production in November. But that now seems unlikely, Reuters reported.

The authorities must first examine the latest objections before deciding whether to allow the plant to start operation.

The iterative process is only open to those who objected to a previous public consultation but were not satisfied with Tesla’s or the environment’s response. It takes place from November 2 to 22. Tesla has not yet commented on the decision to repeat the operation.

The authorities decided to repeat the process because environmental activists argued in a separate case that citizens were not informed long before the details of the public consultation.

They were upset, for example, because the consultation was only online. Musk has previously expressed frustration with the way German laws and permitting procedures work. According to him, complex planning requirements are incompatible with the rapid progress required in the fight against climate change.

The plant, which Tesla calls the Giga plant, and the adjacent battery plant must produce at least 500,000 electric vehicles annually and generate 50 gigawatt-hours (GWh) capacity. Either way, this would put them ahead of the competition in Germany.

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