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The original versions of the GTA trilogy will be available for resale on PC

The original versions of the GTA trilogy will be available for resale on PC

Rockstar’s latest version of the GTA trilogy wasn’t great last week, and now Rockstar is responding by bringing the original PC trilogy back to everyone. You know, with surprisingly fewer errors.

NS Today’s blog postRockstar has apologized for several technical issues disturbing the re-productions, admitted that they did not meet the standards, and that the studio plans to “address technical issues and improve each game in the future,” starting with an update in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Rockstar has gone so far as to admit that it probably didn’t have to remove the original and unfinished trilogy from storefronts last month before the final release, so it’s bringing back the original Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto. : San Andreas to the Rockstar Store in a bundle. They’re also handing out the bundle for free to anyone who purchases the Ultimate Edition trilogy through the Rockstar Store until June 30, 2022. Unfortunately, there’s nothing here about whether the original trilogy will return to storefronts from other stores it was removed from, including consoles and Steam. .

Bugs and technical issues are an important part of the definitive versions’ problem, but in our review we pointed out a number of other ways in which iterations of the GTA trilogy surprisingly don’t respect the original works. Meanwhile, on a more ambiguous tone, fans think that they may have found the excitement of GTA 6 hidden in the image in the final version.

Rebecca Valentine is IGN news reporter. You can find it on Twitter Tweet embed.

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