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The Ostrava Regional Court acquitted a man accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend

Defendant Pavel Č of Ostrava in court denies the accusation that he attacked his pregnant girlfriend. (May 25, 2021)
| Photo: Joseph Gapsdale,

According to information from the editors, the court issued a verdict of acquittal against Pavel, among other things, because it found the victim unreliable. The woman did not support her original accusation in many respects, should the crime be reclassified even she wanted it withdrawn.

The result was the final acquittal of a 36-year-old man. “On both points of the indictment,” a spokeswoman for the Ostrava Regional Court Veronica Ralevska confirmed.

According to the indictment, Pavel slammed the door during an argument with a woman. “Then he gently sat on her stomach, punched her in the face and kicked her in the back,” the prosecutor said at the start of the trial.

In addition to the wound on her arm, the woman suffered numerous bruises and other wounds. She was treated in the hospital, but hospitalization was not necessary.

Ostravan was tried for threatening because his friend allegedly said that if he reported it to the police, it would be worse. However, this was not proven in court.

The couple allegedly quarreled because the man was not welded after returning from work. “I wanted lunch, but it wasn’t. So I started cursing and came into the kitchen and took a knife and started waving it in front of me.”

After being warned not to do so, he hit the woman on the ground and slapped her. “But nothing more, do not sit on your stomach or kick. She hit me on the back with a megaphone, and when I wanted to leave, I deliberately smashed the glass door. I did that wound to her arm. Then she threatened to betray me and I would see, so I answered that I would praise it,” said the man. In court.

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