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Radost hokejistů USA

The overseas derby was a big deal for the USA. The Swiss are celebrating for the second time

Canada may not remember such a start. After a disgraceful defeat with her native Latvia, it wasn’t even enough for the United States, which lost 1: 5.

The first goal came in the eighth minute, when goalkeeper Comber made a huge foul behind the goal and Jason Robertson quietly pushed the disc into the goal. And at the start of the second part, the score was 2: 0, after Adam Clending’s throw.

They were three goals after a beautiful feat for the United States, which ended with Trevor Moore’s gush, who hit the disc with a hockey stick on a sledge and shot off the goal. The player himself increased to 4: 0 in the second half.

Only after 115 minutes and 35 seconds was Canada able to enjoy the goal for the first time in the tournament. Maxime Comtois received a pass between the circles, then hit the gallows exactly.

Matt Tennyson was adjusted to the final 5: 1 with a shot from the blue. Americans take the first three points, the Canadians are still zero.

In Group A, which also includes the Czechs, the Swiss and Danish national teams played the second match. The match was decided by one goal, scored by Timo Mayer in the 14th minute. Denmark did not build on success against Sweden. On the contrary, Switzerland is one hundred percent.

World Cup results:

Denmark-Switzerland 0: 1 (0: 1, 0: 0, 0: 0)
Branca: 14. Mayer (Hescher, Muller).

Canada-US 1: 5 (0: 1, 0: 3, 1: 1)
Branky: 52. Comtua (Biudin) – 8. Robertson (Garland), 22. Clending (Helixon), 24. T. More (Robertson), 39. T. More (Garland), 58. Tennyson (Clending).

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Canada was also represented in the World Cup by Sydney Crosby, who is still fighting in the NHL. Made a major defensive intervention against the islanders: