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The owner of the largest “lip” in the world is seeking to record the cheekbones in the Guinness Book. Pictures

Written by Ehab Mohamed

Saturday, February 25, 2023 11:00 AM

A woman revealed showing off With full lips About her latest beauty goals in her cheekbones, Andrea Ivanova, from Bulgaria, previously made headlines after talking about spending £8,000 on her lips in an attempt to get the largest lips in the world, according to the British Daily Mail.

The lady began her transformation in 2018 hoping to look like a Bratz doll, as she underwent surgery including jaw and chin fillers, and now in her latest quest to set a new world record, she received cheekbone fillers and hopes to achieve the title of “The largest cheekbones In the world”.

The woman with the largest lips in the world

Daily Mail report

Andrea, who has 25,000 followers on Instagram, said: “In addition to the biggest lips in the world, I want to have some of the biggest cheekbones too. For the healing process, I need to avoid heavy pressure on the face for up to three days afterward.”

The face of the Bulgarian lady after plastic surgery

The lady with the biggest lips

And she confirmed: “My goal is to design them and gain a lot of volume, but of course I still want bigger lips too, I will continue with more injections in both to make them bigger.”.”

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