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اتحاد طلبة فلسطين ببريطانيا يرد على "الخارجية" بشأن امتحانات توظيف عُقدت بمقر السفارة بلندن

The Palestinian Students’ Union in Britain responds to “foreign affairs” related to recruitment exams at the embassy in London

Ramallah – Tunya Al Wadan
The British branch of the General Union of Palestinian Students, in response to a report by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued a statement clarifying the employment selections held at the headquarters of the Palestinian Embassy in London.

The text of the following report, a copy of which was obtained by Tunya al-Wadan:

First, the Union is grateful for the report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which confirmed the recruitment of two brothers, one of the staff’s children and the ambassador’s first-degree relatives. The ambassador, Brother Hosam, posted on his personal page on social media that it denied that his relatives owned jobs. In light of this, we confirm the following:

The UK is full of graduates from the world’s most prestigious universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, LSE and other prestigious and prestigious British universities, and many of these graduates actually applied for jobs at the embassy, ​​and no applications were submitted to Ambassador Hossam at any Ministry of Foreign Affairs or to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They also ignored information except to deliberately hide it.

We wonder how the exam in Britain became known exclusively to the ambassador’s relatives and why these jobs were not reported on the pages of the embassy, ​​the Palestinian community and the student union.

We request the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to re-advertise these jobs so that all our deserving candidates will have the opportunity and the examinations will be conducted in a proper manner and in a good manner.

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The General Union of Palestinian Students denies the allegations of spreading rumors and emphasizes the fact that it is difficult for anyone to deny everything he has mentioned. Here, we call on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respect law and order and correct the mistake that occurred

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in this regard, a copy of which was obtained by Tunya al-Wadan. It said: “We are surprised that a statement was issued in the name of the General Union of Palestinian Students.

He added: “Therefore, in order to meet the conditions of advertising for all our people, wherever they may be, the Ministry has announced that a number of Diplomatic Coordinator jobs will be made available free of charge and on fair competition. 1320 young men and women from inside and outside

The Ministry continued: “The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration will oversee this process. Members representing the Independent Commission on Human Rights and the Bureau of Administrative and Financial Oversight. Those who get the required English language marks will be invited for interview by the same committee and those who have passed the written test of the Ministry of General and National Knowledge with a minimum score in the presence of the same group and at the end of the interview, the committee approves the required number of candidates who have obtained high marks in the interview.

The ministry added: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration makes it clear that the required work is to work at the headquarters, not at embassies, where every citizen who meets the terms of the advertisement can apply for the job. Whether he is the son of a foreign employee, the brother of an employee or the husband of an employee, the opportunity to compete is open to all. In fact, the panel has so far completed a written test for applicants from the West, as in Morocco, the United Kingdom, Russia, the Emirates, Hungary, Jordan and China. Applicants from our people in the Gaza Strip wrote the exam under the supervision of the offices of the Independent Commission on Human Rights and an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry said: “In this regard, the Ministry clarifies that the persons mentioned in the report of the Trade Union Branch have submitted regular applications for these jobs as well as other applications. Many university graduates can be in the UK for this open competition if they wish.Therefore, the Student Union report, the British Branch, is completely false and avoids the truth and makes arbitrary allegations, and it is better to inquire into the parties behind it before committing this procedure for which the law is accountable.

Hussein Somlad, the Palestinian ambassador to the United Kingdom, has denied reports that appointments have affected some of his relatives at the Palestinian embassy in the United Kingdom.

Somlot said in a post on his page on the social networking site (Facebook): “Many friends contacted me about some of my cousins ​​being hired to work at the Palestinian embassy or some of the rumored parties on social media sites. In the United Kingdom.”

He added: “I categorically deny these rumors. No appointment will be made at the Palestinian embassy in London and my relatives will be affected,” he said.

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