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The Paradise Orchestra celebrates the International Day for Tolerance

The Paradise Orchestra celebrates the International Day for Tolerance

Tamer Abdel Hamid (Abu Dhabi)

In celebration of the International Day for Tolerance, the Paradise Women’s Orchestra presented yesterday evening at the Jubilee Park Theater in “Expo 2020” a brilliant musical show under the supervision of the international musician AR Rahman, winner of two Oscars and Grammy Awards, and led by Lebanese maestro Yasmina Sabbah, and presented 12 musical pieces with performance participation. from children.
The Paradise Orchestra presented pieces on different musical instruments, and the melodies of the oud strings, qanun, violin, guitar, flute and cello in visual and kinetic harmony, including pieces presented in famous films and series, which gained a wide global spread. Among them: “Lord of the Ring” and “IT”, “Game of Thrones”, “Star Wars” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The orchestra, amid an interaction of the audience, performed musical pieces from the works of “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Cinema Paradiso”, as well as shedding light on inclusion and coexistence through music, through “Bombay”, “I am my heart is my guide” and “Jay Ho” from the movie “the homeless milionaire”. Regarding the orchestra’s presentation of its second concert, and its preparation for the third performance on November 20, which celebrates the International Children’s Day, the international Indian musician and producer AR Rahman said: “Tolerance and coexistence are the two threads that bind society. When we celebrate our diversity, we unite in our strength, and we are We are pleased to participate in “Expo 2020” through a group of professional female musicians, to highlight the importance of music in the cultural and civilizational diversity of tolerance.
AR Rahman revealed that the Paradise Orchestra will collaborate with his daughter, singer Khatija Rahman, and 16-year-old pianist Lydian Nadaswaram, to play nostalgic musical pieces, with performances including Disney classics such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “Mermaid”. .

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