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The parcel travels from China for a few days, then lies in the sorting room for months.  The post office thinks the robot will solve it

The parcel travels from China for a few days, then lies in the sorting room for months. The post office thinks the robot will solve it

Since last October, all shipments from China must pass through customs, which significantly slowed down their delivery by Czech Post. In local warehouses, they wait several weeks for delivery, and some customers complain. Now the post office intends to solve the situation, among other things, using an automated stacker, according to which should double the number of shipments processed per day.

“Czech Post is unable to send customs declaration to our company for 45 days! 3 times urgent, nothing, no use”, a customer complains under Facebook post May, in which he announced his desire to speed up the distribution of Asian shipments to Europe.

“Wouldn’t you rather expedite the distribution of the Chinese shipments taken over by the Czech Post in the Czech Republic? I have a shipment somewhere with you for a month now. And you can’t even find it,” another user continues to discuss.

While EU companies must pay VAT regardless of the value of the goods sold, shipments as small as €22 from China and other third countries were not subject to VAT or VAT until last fall. This is no longer the case.

However, the customer does not have to submit the customs declaration himself, the carrier or a company that specializes in these matters may do so. However, it is necessary to count on the payment of fees and the payment of value-added tax.

After the new rules came into effect, the Post Office acknowledged that the administration associated with this measure can in some cases prolong the delivery of shipments. However, customers’ experience with the time they wait for the shipment is very different from the official opinion of the state-owned company.

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“The average check-in time at the moment is two days, depending on the speed and accuracy of the data that customers provide us with for check-in,” Matthias Vitek, a spokesman for Czech Post, told the online daily Aktuálně.cz. .

Vitík did not specify how many shipments from China are currently in stock. for example Server E15 But he said in February of this year that their number was about 30,000. However, at that time, it hampered the spread of the covido pandemic among postal employees.

Based on the entry of the shipment number, the modular robotic stacker finds specific shipments within a few seconds and forwards them to be sent to local transportation. | Photo: Czech Post

However, the state-owned company does not see a problem in the downtime process too to deal with the formalities. According to Vitek, the post office now wants to solve delays and slow checks, among other things, by using an automated stack. “Czech Post is now building a modular automated stacker for handling international parcels at the former racking location where shipments were stored, which, based on entering the shipment number, finds specific shipments within a few seconds and forwards them for shipment to local transport,” the spokesperson said.

According to him, the stacker has a capacity of 120,000 shipments, while the daily cargo handling capacity of the entire international post office is currently 60 thousand.

“The crane will start trial operation in July, and we anticipate its steep run from September,” Vitek concludes.

Shipments from China accounted for about a third of the time when not all of them were subject to VAT. According to data at the end of April, there are about 20,000 shipments per day to the Czech Republic from Chinese online stores. In the opposite direction, the number of orders before the suspension was an order of magnitude smaller.

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