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The peak of the "Lionids" meteors decorate the Saudi sky on Wednesday evening

The peak of the “Lionids” meteors decorate the Saudi sky on Wednesday evening

The sky of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world will witness, the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, November 17, the peak of the “Lionids” meteor shower 2021, and it can be seen on the eastern horizon with the naked eye, from a dark location, after midnight until before Thursday sunrise.

And the Jeddah astronomer explained – via Twitter – that the second Rabie moon will be in the phase of increasing humpback, and only one day away from its completion, and it will cause the obliteration of many meteors, except for the bright meteors.

She added that the Leonids meteor shower is expected to reach its peak activity at about (09:00) pm Mecca time, and therefore it is assumed that the highest number of meteors will be seen after the point of their radiation rises high in the sky in front of the Lion stars after midnight during the hours before sunrise on the morning of the day Thursday.

The Jeddah astronomer indicated that the best time to try to observe the Leonids meteors directly will be before dawn with the sunset of the moon, from a dark place, by observing the eastern horizon, as the meteors will appear in front of the constellation of the Leo, and they can appear from anywhere in the sky.

The Leonids meteors are active annually from 6 to 30 November and are sourced from dust particles from the comet (Temple-Total), and they are among the medium meteors, as they produce on average between 10 to 15 meteors per hour at their peak.

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And the Jeddah astronomer explained that when crossing the globe during its movement around the sun through the dust particles scattered along the comet’s orbit, these meteorites collide with the top of the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of about 72 kilometers per second and burn at a height of approximately 70 to 100 kilometers, and they appear to us in the form of a tape From the glowing light as a result of contact with the air and its high temperature, it can also produce bright meteors known as fireballs.

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