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The Pentagon announces that Iran has failed to launch a satellite into Earth's orbit

The Pentagon announces that Iran has failed to launch a satellite into Earth’s orbit

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The US Department of Defense announced on Wednesday that Iran had failed to launch a satellite into Earth orbit in mid-June, noting that the Islamic Republic was seeking to implement a new launch attempt soon, which Tehran denied.

The Pentagon said Wednesday that Iran It failed to launch a satellite into space in mid-June, indicating that it intends to repeat this attempt soon, information denied by Tehran.

A statement by U.S. Department of Defense spokesman Yuria Orland included that “the US Space Command is aware of the failure of the Iranian missile launch on June 12” from the Semnan Space Center located 300 km east of Tehran.

However, no explanations were received about the reasons for the failure of the launch, while Iran denied the authenticity of the report reported by the network.CNNThe American News, and stressed that the two satellites referred to are still on Earth.

In this context, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that “the two satellites, Nahid and Pars, are present in the space organization.” He added, “I saw today a report talking about a launch that took place 10 days ago.”

And the American News Network quoted experts at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California, as saying that satellite images of the Semnan Space Center indicate that a new launch will take place in the near future.

Pictures taken by Planet Labs for satellite footage on June 19 and 20 showed fuel tanks and support vehicles that appeared ready for launch, Middlebury Institute experts told CNN.

In this context, Orland said that the last launch into space by Iran dates back to April 2020, in which the Islamic Republic placed the small satellite “Nour-1” in Earth’s orbit.

However, US officials have indicated from the outset that the satellite appears to be facing problems. Orland stressed here that Pentagon observations showed the satellite was “uncontrollable and inoperable.”


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